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The Approaching Age of Virtual Nations
Mike Dillard and Janet Hennard.Futurist, July-August 2002, 8 pages. 

According to the authors, virtual nations -- communities lacking territory or borders in the physical world but constructed through Internet relationships -- is the next step in human social evolution

WESTRALIA . NET, is THE Virtual Nation
Please be patient.  We will shape the future together.
We Whinge, Complain, and Demand that we can be better.
John Lennon sang, "Imagine".
We Are The ADVOCATES Of Change.
...Beyond the Critique; Imagine. Imagine Better....
See our pdf below. The analysis describes our motivations.


Constitutional Good Sammy
Good Sammy On The Constitution: CLICK HERE
CLICK HERE: Stop the Canberra $$$ and Power Grab
FUEL TAX; We all know fuel cost is a major contributor to cost of living. For the 2.6 million sq. Km of Westralia it is a cost-multiplier at destination's end.
What if we used the downside of remote locations as an upside for decentralisation, using fuel tax as a key component?
See Westralia.Net's proposal.

pdf. Fuel Tax Download

SOLARIA WASTE TREATMENT PLANT; After the disgraceful episodes at Bellevue (See reports from Issues Page) and Brookdale that demonstrated the requirement for a purpose built and sited Hazardous Waste Treatment Facility, Westralia.Net proposes the SOLARIA Facility.

pdf. Solaria Facility Download.

GENDER-BASED ELECTORAL REFORM: Westralia.Net wishes to introduce electoral rules requiring equal representation of genders by consolidating every two electorates into 1, then requiring each electorate to be represented by one man, and one woman.
This does not give us more politicians, but it does provide a more equitable balance of gender representation.
Hey, this does not mean we seek proportional representation of all sexual orientations, or mean to exclude gays, lesbians, or any hermaphrodites. This just means our Parliaments are fairly represented across the gender spectrum; ...including everyone in between.

PERTH WATER: The capital city's water supply is becoming an issue for concern. Of course the REAL problem is one of centralisation; Why do we have only one large population centre in 2.6 million sq.Km? Isn't it about time we thought of a population base where the water is?
...In the North, for example, if we are serious about strategic development.
However in the meantime, why build a 45 Gl desalination plant, pumping hundreds of thousands of tonnes of greenhouse gases into the sky, when the Water Corporation throw away a similar amount of slightly brackish water every year from the large Wellington Dam? View the plan to utilise this water and it's free hydraulic pressure to power a desalination plant.

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Powers of Creation and Human Transformation, coming to a brain cell near YOU soon!

More to come.


DISCLAIMER: Westralia.Net and the people and entities involved accept no responsibility for accuracy or completeness of any material contained in these publications. Additionally, Westralia.Net and people and entities involved or associated in any way disclaim all liability to any person or entity in respect of anything, and of the consequences of anything, done or omitted to be done by any such person or entity in reliance, whether wholly or partially, upon any information, details, inferences presented in these publications.

Where did we learn such messages of irresponsibility? ...From a Real government publication of course!

If you think a "Pirate Government" is bad news....
Pirate Government of Westralia
...Wait until your life suffers at the hands of the REAL government of WA.