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CULTURAL Heritage & Arts



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Harold Thomas NT

The Cultural Core of Westralia.Net

Westralia.Net recognises the importance of Culture, Heritage, and the Arts in everyday society. We recognised that to lead rich lives, we must do more than just pay lip service to the Arts. We must invest and encourage the creative endeavours of all our artistic community. To promote Westralian culture as unique, we need be aware of our heritage.

Primarily Westralian culture and art is not new. It is in fact many thousands of years old. Westralia.Net views this as our nation’s foremost cultural asset.

As the most valuable cultural asset, we believe we must invest in its preservation, promotion, and active use.

This national promotion is not at the exclusion of contemporary or foreign art interests, but we do wish to redevelop and preserve the original Westralian experience as the core of our cultural identity, simply because this is true by way of geography and history.

Culture is derived from "cultivation". Cultivation, like a garden takes time, care, and maintenance. The more time, the more care, and the more maintenance, the richer that garden will become. This is also true for the artistic interpretation of human existence in our environment.

Protecting Westralia’s Cultural Heritage is a mission that recognises that if we are to offer something different to the world cultural community, we must first identify what, if anything, makes Westralia culturally different. Secondly we must decide what is required to preserve those elements. Thirdly we must maintain these identified elements as active and accurate.

What is different about the Westralian human experience, as opposed to many other societies? The answer is isolation and time. So here we have a culture that has been very isolated, not for hundreds of years, but many thousands of years.

What evolved over this period in what we know as culture was the inter-generational exchange of life interpretations by way of story-telling either simply by verbal means, but also more importantly, by performing artistic endeavours to pass the human knowledge through time. This is the same as elsewhere in the world, but not with the isolation and time factors experienced in Westralia.

Having identified what we now have and how it is used, we must now repair the damage done by a few generations of neglect. To pass this knowledge and experience on to others, we must learn the appropriate applications to expose the artistic styles and lore to the contemporary international community.

The real challenge lies in maintaining the cultural accuracy, while allowing some elements to merge with contemporary artistic performances and pieces. Over a brief period of time we can witness a natural evolutionary cultural product, benefiting all Westralians. The integration will allow the unique Westralian contemporary arts to be produced with the benefit of thousands of years of isolation artistic cultivation.

While not all ancient cultural aspects may be transposed to contemporary artistic applications, the resources utilised and the exercise of resurrecting almost-lost-forever lore will ensure its preservation for specific Westralian regional and family groups that require the knowledge for private ceremonial purposes. This is also in the interest of Westralian cultural preservation.

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