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The Issues

Here we will highlight the key issues of the campaign to make visitors to our site familiar with our position.

The WA Government continues to deny basic human rights of compensationto its own employees who were given Toxic waste to use as herbicide.
Of 94 affected workers, 36 are already dead. (Late 2003. About 50 by late 2004).
The WA Government denies any responsibility for not informing some workers of contracting lead-poisoning.
WA is the world capital for mesothelioma, due to the inaction of the Government in dealing with known hazards of asbestos mining. This disease is akin to taking months or years to drown with your lungs filled with wet concrete.

Still more.  ....Click on some Pics for Stories.

Bellevue Burns

Too Hot To Handle

Toxic Waste Stored in Residential Area Goes Wrong.
Actual Photo of Bellevue Disaster
Cost $7,000,000 to Clean Up. Better Management Would Make More Sense !

SJ Land Poison

Pollution Unabated. - LANDPOISON
Killing Our Resources, and our future.


Alumina Refinery Blamed for Toxic Fumes
Workers And Communities Sick. Want Cleaner Emissions

WESTRALIA.net is both "Pro-development" and "Pro-environmental protection". We do not believe the two are mutually exclusive.
In fact in We believe each are very dependent on the other. With this longer term view, we seek balance in both. You will see from poor decision-making and the deadbeat public management highlighted here, that carte blanche for industry and worshipping of the quick buck M.O. cost the whole community when looking at the bigger picture. Poor public health equates to bigger medical and social security cost, and less productive working lives.
"Protecting the Environment" simply means: DON'T CRAP IN YOUR OWN NEST.

Former Workers Poisoned By the WA Government.
Survivors Fighting For More Than 20 Years For Justice. Still No Joy.

Controlling pollution is a major environmental issue.


Here's another picture of supporters of our cause.

We may also include a link to download our position papers on this page.

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Where did we learn such messages of irresponsibility? ...From a Real government publication of course!

If you think a "Pirate Government" is bad news....
Pirate Government of Westralia
...Wait until your life suffers at the hands of the REAL government of WA.