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The Rundown

Westralia.Net Rundown

This is the page where we do a "Rundown" on the WA government cabinet, backbench and associated bureaucratic minions; Many who often prefer to remain anonymous, while they haul in their sizable pay packets screwing innocent Westralian citizens.
Some ministers are worth their weight in gold, while others deserve the "RAT" label, ...or are simply fit the "useless as tits on a bull" category.

WA Government Cabinet performance assessments.
See Below

Not Updated since change of WA Ministry.


...And for the WA government bureaucrats who prefer to remain faceless, in this section we have the...
* *  ADOLF EICHMANN Hall of Fame  * *
Author, Hannah Arendt portrayed the NAZI in "Eichmann in Jerusalem", subtitled:
A report on
as an unideological bureaucrat diligently doing his job, the archetypal middle-manager on the lookout for career advancement, but otherwise without motive - the classic desk-killer who mechanically and thoughtlessly arranged for millions to die as the culmination of a routinised and sanitised process of destruction.
Yes, maybe we are a bit short on numbers here in Westralia for comparison to Eichmann's effort, but far too many innocent citizens have been killed and maimed by WA government stooges diligently screwing our citizens with poisons, hazards, and exerting unwarranted criminal acusations to the point of suicide.

WA gov Job Description: "Conscience not required."
"I'm going for promotion! The Boss will love me."
"...Just Doing My Job." - Adolf Eichmann

...Coming Soon!
Watch out for the names that don't want to be named.
The former WA Insurance Commission or Risk Cover career staff who send the letters to our dying citizens accusing them of fraud. Or have deliberately stalled the process, so the claimant dies first, often leaving the family poor. Adolf Eichmann would be proud of these JERKS!
See the names of people who tell you a substance is safe, knowing full well it is injuring or killing you or your family and banned elsewhere.


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Where did we learn such messages of irresponsibility? ...From a Real government publication of course!

If you think a "Pirate Government" is bad news....
Pirate Government of Westralia
...Wait until your life suffers at the hands of the REAL government of WA.