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Public Sector Standards Officer
Make Jean's Day, Bureaucrat Punk.
Jean Thornton - Nemesis of Scourge WA Bureaucrats

   Incorporating WHISTLER'S CORNER!   

"Whistler's Mother"
At WESTRALIA.net you would not believe some of the allegations we hear about government corruption that innocent citizens have had to suffer in WA. What is incredible, is the amount of documentation we see as evidence to substantiate the allegations. What is most ironic, is that the alleged perpetrators often bring along their own rope to hang themselves. How come they are not in jail? At least for the community's protection.
So here at "Whistlers' Corner", we throw down the gauntlet.
Let's hear the stories. Who can top who with the most outrageous goings on?
How do we rate the toppers? How many people killed?
Total numbers diseased? How many millions wasted?
Don't waste our time with the $28,000,000 Royal Commission stories of a Police Officer failing to cross his i, or dot his T, or some petty cash accidently falling into his pocket at a drug dealers house.
These huge expenditures (paid to whom?) are only agitation diversions akin to the ancient Roman Arenas to where some hapless ordinary working police officer is thrown to the lions, while the senators and the Sir Humphries go about their normal business.
We already know of thousands killed due to avoidable industrial diseases that the WA government knew were coming over the horizon. Have a read of "Blue Murder".
Never heard of anyone going to jail for it though. Did you?
It is our innocent intention to highlight these errors of public management solely for the purpose of reformation of these errors or defects to ensure a high standard of public policy in practice .
The Referee Called, "FOUL !" And Blew The Whistle.
Whistleblowers Go On Strike!
Click Here -  WA gov Hansard
Be Warned: It's a Tough Job. - Click On Pic
Yes Siree, its a tough job being a Whistleblower!
(See clipping at right)
You do the right thing in the public interest, and instead of the Hero Accolades you deserve, you are made a public and professional Pariah. This whole scenario of evil overseeing the mob mentality needs further analysis.
How does the public bureaucracy get away with it?
Their main tool of trade in condemning the Hero-Whistleblower is their personal anonymity. They cleverly scheme and place pressure on would-be supporters of whistleblowers with concealed or overt threats of professional death sentences.
Another tool is the threat of legal action against those who may be inclined to substantiate the allegations of wrong-doing.
The psychosis of avoiding, at all costs, the opportunity to remedy poor professional practice is an intriguing one. The public silence of the practice does not help.
Not my business, you say.
Indeed it is OUR business. It is every Westralian's business.
If one wants the rights of democracy, do not think it comes without responsibility. It is imperative that, we as a society, up hold our responsibilities of democracy. The more we do, the better it will get. ...the less we do, the greater the degeneration.
Therefore find the people who are responsible for condemning the whistleblower and their supporters. Reverse their own operational mode upon these offenders. Let us for example use the PSYCHIATRIC question that the bureaucratic and ministerial bosses love to use against our heroes:
Are these poor damaged souls suffering from a psychosis so great that it impedes their professional responsibilities of public office, let alone be able to correct simple mistakes of internal process for which they are paid?

Three WA government whistleblowers interviewed by Liam Bartlett of ABC Radio, Perth. Select "Audio" link. 28 Minutes. - CLICK HERE.


See below what crime fits their activities that you know about?
Organised Crime? You Decide!
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Premier Gallop Responds
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Section 270. "Kill", definition of
Any person who causes the death of another, directly or indirectly, by
any means whatever, is deemed to have killed that other person.

274. When injury or death might be prevented by proper precaution When a person causes a bodily injury to another from which death results, it is immaterial that the injury might have been avoided by proper precaution on the part of the person injured, or that his death from that injury might have been prevented by proper care or treatment.
268. Killing of a human being unlawful
 It is unlawful to kill any person unless such killing is authorised or justified or excused by law.
267. Duty to do certain acts
When a person undertakes to do any act the omission to do which is or may be dangerous to human life or health, it is his duty to do that act; and he is held to have caused any consequences which result to the life or health of any person by reason of any omission to perform that duty.
 277. Unlawful homicide.
Any person who unlawfully kills another is guilty of a crime which, according to the circumstances of the case, may be wilful murder, murder, manslaughter, or infanticide.
173. Refusal by public officer to perform duty
Any person who, being employed in the Public Service, or as an officer
of any court or tribunal, perversely and without lawful excuse omits
or refuses to do any act which it is his duty to do by virtue of his
employment, is guilty of a misdemeanour.
177. Disobedience to statute law
   Any person who, without lawful excuse, the proof of which lies on him,
   does any act which he is, by the provisions of any public statute in
   force in Western Australia, forbidden to do or omits to do any act
   which he is, by the provisions of any such statute, required to do, is
   guilty of a misdemeanour, unless some mode of proceeding against him
   for such disobedience is expressly provided by statute, and is
   intended to be exclusive of all other punishment.
 262. Duty to provide necessaries
   It is the duty of every person having charge of another who is unable
   by reason of age, sickness, mental impairment, detention, or any other
   cause, to withdraw himself from such charge, and who is unable to
   provide himself with the necessaries of life, whether the charge is
   undertaken under a contract, or is imposed by law, or arises by reason
   of any act, whether lawful or unlawful, of the person who has such
   charge, to provide for that other person the necessaries of life; and
   he is held to have caused any consequences which result to the life or
   health of the other person by reason of any omission to perform that
294. Acts intended to cause grievous bodily harm or prevent arrest
   Any person who, with intent to maim, disfigure, or disable any person,
   or to do some grievous bodily harm to any person, or to resist or
   prevent the lawful arrest or detention of any person --
   (5) Causes any such substance or thing to be taken or received by
     any person; or (8) does any act that is likely to result in a person having a
     serious disease; is guilty of a crime.
302. Failure to supply necessaries
   Any person who, being charged with the duty of providing for another
   the necessaries of life, without lawful excuse fails to do so, whereby
   the life of that other person is or is likely to be endangered or his
   health is or is likely to be permanently injured, is guilty of a
304. Endangering life of children by exposure
   Any person who unlawfully abandons or exposes a child under the age of
   7 years, whereby the life of such child is or is likely to be
   endangered, or his health is or is likely to be permanently injured,
   is guilty of a misdemeanour.
  306. Unlawful acts causing bodily harm
 Any person who unlawfully does any act or omits to do any act which it
 is his duty to do, by which act or omission bodily harm is actually
 caused to any person, is guilty of a crime.
409. Fraud
(1) Any person who, with intent to defraud, by deceit or any
fraudulent means --(f) induces any person to abstain from doing any act that the person is lawfully entitled to do, is guilty of a crime.
 424. Fraudulent falsification of records
Any person who with intent to defraud --
     (a) makes a false entry in any record;
     (b) omits to make an entry in any record;
     (c) gives any certificate or information which is false in a
     material particular;
     (d) by act or omission falsifies, destroys, alters or damages any
     record; or
     (e) knowingly produces or makes use of any record which is false in
     a material particular, is guilty of a crime.
 85. Falsification of records by public officer
Any public officer who corruptly --
     (a) makes any false entry in any record;
     (b) omits to make any entry in any record;
     (c) gives any certificate or information which is false in a
     material particular;
     (d) by act or omission falsifies, destroys, alters or damages any
     (e) furnishes a return relating to any property or remuneration
     which is false in a material particular; or
     (f) omits to furnish any return relating to any property or
     remuneration, or to give any other information which he is required
     by law to give, is guilty of a crime.
135. Conspiring to defeat justice
   Any person who conspires with another to obstruct, prevent, pervert,
   or defeat the course of justice is guilty of a crime.
136. Compounding or concealing crimes
   Any person who asks, receives, or obtains, or agrees, or attempts to
   receive or obtain, any property or benefit of any kind for himself or
   any other person, upon any agreement or understanding that he will
   compound or conceal a crime, or will abstain from, discontinue, or
   delay, a prosecution for a crime, or will withhold any evidence
   thereof, is guilty of an indictable offence.
So How many More Laws Broken By The Government?

Dioxin Poisoned While Working for WA Government
Go To Derby Dioxin Page
Westralia.Net Public Sector Watchdog
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I am only little now, but WATCH OUT!

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Where did we learn such messages of irresponsibility? ...From a Real government publication of course!

If you think a "Pirate Government" is bad news....
Pirate Government of Westralia
...Wait until your life suffers at the hands of the REAL government of WA.