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PRESIDENT - Moses Ngoombujarra

PRESIDENT Moses NGOOMBUJARRA was appointed HEAD OF STATE of Westralia by Westralia.Net Administration during 2004 and immediately began his global introductory tour. Meekatharra born Wadjarri-Yamadji, President Ngoombujarra represents Westralia’s citizens as Head of State. This is an important role of ceremony and national identity, and although carrying no power in policy-making, the President does provide our citizens with a human figurehead that is representative our own community by geography and cultural heritage.  Prior to appointment, Mr. Ngoombujarra travelled the world, as a private cultural and anthropological consultant, where his unique knowledge is highly valued internationally, particularly in the creative arena of film, literature and artistic productions.  Westralia.Net administration was successful in negotiating suitable terms of appointment for Mr. Ngoombujarra, enabling him not only to fulfil the role as President to the virtual nation, but additionally to represent our interests, national objectives, and promotion of "Westralia.Net - Virtual Nation" to the global community representing our nation as Head of State. After departing Meekatharra many eons past as "class clown", it is such great inspiration to have the prodigal son return to his homeland in the ultimate public service position of Head of State for Westralia, the Virtual Nation. We are indeed blessed to have such a Westralian of globally recognised talent to serve as as an inspiration to all those citizens who find themselves behind the 8-ball of life. President Moses Ngoombujarra believes if he can eclipse his humble desert origins to become a world teacher, maybe even a white man could too. Meanwhile in neighbouring Australia, they don't even know how, if, or when they will appoint a President, let alone if it is OK or not to answer to the Queen of a foreign land. Your Westralia.Net - Virtual Nation, leads the way.  See the Presidential pages of President Moses Ngoombujarra and his true talents at work for YOU, ...our beloved citizens of Westralia.   CLICK on the President Ngoombujarra's pic to go to the PRESIDENTIAL PAGES.

Administrator & Chief Executive Officer
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ADMINISTRATION: A.Fraser Hobday, victim of State Government negligence, rendering him a chronically fatigued, half-deaf, pill junky, who sometimes is not even aware of the words he spoke two seconds previously. who is sometimes not even aware of the words he spoke two seconds previously. Takes drugs for Alzheimers Disease.
Fears pre-senility dementia is accelerating towards him. Often forgets very important events and can't remember where he is going or what he is doing.
Certified emotionally unstable and can not be held responsible for his actions. Even if he managed to stay awake at the time. Wastes a lot of time walking in circles.With a Black-belt in memory loss, this man is a Politician's Dream!
Previously qualified in Scientific Instrumentation, with Gold Industry and Mining Salvage background, burnt-out in Cryogenics. Has a PhD in Theology, but does not remember too much of any of these activities. Well, ...maybe, sort of, in a confused sort of way. Former Vice-Chairman of Australia Defence Association (WA), and Foundation President of ASOL. Previously with the National Party, then became an iconoclast for the Labor Party. Loves Lee Kwan Yew and Fidel Castro, but true political hero, Sir Les Patterson holds pride of place in his office. ...This guy is all over the place, but reckons he's got all bases covered.
Published articles by or with reference to Hobday include:
Australian Financial Review, Time Magazine (USA), Denver Post, Sydney Morning Herald, West Australian, Sunday Times, Defender, and Crux Australis.
As a boy, he dreamed of Western Australia being a Utopia of Woodstock ideals, but now is happy to make it a new California of the South.
...WESTRALIAN Dreamin'.
Says he: "If voting could really change things, it would be illegal".


HEALTH OFFICER - Click to go to HEALTH page
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Marie RYAN

HEALTH OFICER: Marie RYAN is Westralia.Net's Health Officer. She is a veteran of many a hard public media battle against the inept WA government, which seemed intent on poisoning our babies with cyclodiene pesticides that it insisted to the community were safe to use around our pregnant citizens. This was despite these being banned or withdrawn from sale elsewhere in the industrialised world. Marie (and the rest of the world) were proved correct. Since her battle we have seen the number of Westralian birth defects attributed to organochlorine exposure reduce significantly. The reproductive impacts of organochlorine pesticides include miscarriage, structural and functional birth defects and neo-natal deaths. Structural defects are those that are visible while functional defects include reduced IQ and mental retardation.   Thank Naomi Segal, Marie, and other parents who fought the "Evil Empire" of the WA Health department.   Think of the babies, now many severely damaged individuals, needing constant care for the rest of their lives. Totally avoidable.    Even the EPA was officially critical of State management for removing organochlorines from farms, but leaving peoples homes to be consistently topped-up with more of the same poisons. Meanwhile the newspapers were reporting how US scientists stated that "WA Health authorities showed a staggering lack of knowledge about the dangers of organochlorine pesticides".    The media was also reporting that pesticide levels found in the bodies and breast milk of WA women were among the highest in the western world and even higher than underdeveloped countries. Newspapers reported that Western Australians have chemical levels so high that they would be unacceptable as meat if exported to the USA. (So you can forget about how many dollars per kilo the mother-in-law or annoying neighbour will bring in).   However the WA Health Department held firm and fought to retain the spraying which was mandatory on new houses and existing home extensions.   Yes, Marie, it certainly is hard living amongst dinosaurs, especially when they run the show.   After several months, the media reported that the WA Health Department admitted it was aware the pesticides it approved contained chemicals long considered to cause cancer and birth defects. But officials were still informing the public that residues in breast milk did not pose a threat. Does anyone understand this evil deceit?   If you think these episodes are long gone, think again. The same big names in the WA Health Department are still there making decisions on your health. Were they demoted or publicly bought to justice for deceiving us? No. Some even get National awards. At Westralia.Net we believe these people are morally guilty, if not in breach of WA criminal code. Yet the WA government treats people such as these educated imbeciles as heroes.      At Westralia.Net, Marie knows the truth;  ...And so should you.  CLICK on Marie's pic to go to her HEALTH page.

Environmental Protector
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ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTOR:    Westralians encountered Lee BELL for the first time when he and his partner JANE (Could her name be anything else?) appeared on an explosive Four Corners television investigation into the Bellevue toxic fire, outside Perth. You can check out this report on our ISSUES page: "Too Hot to Handle". See the photo of the huge flaming mushroom cloud as the proverbial sh_t hits the fan right across from Lee and Janes home, shooting drums of heated toxic chemical sky high. The story highlights the circus-style public management of this toxic waste.
Little wonder this dynamic duo became motivated to be Protectors of the Environment when just digging in their own garden the hole started filling up with stinking chemical contaminated water. Lab tests showed they had acid, metals and toxic oils leaking into their backyard from the toxic waste dump across the road. Dont bother inviting us over for your homegrown fruit salad, thanks Lee. "We spent years fighting to achieve a safe clean-up and eventually won a $10 million dollar clean-up," says Lee.
Lee and Jane are key members of Toxic Sites Alliance.
"Having my family directly threatened compelled me to find out more about the crisis in toxic pollution and take action to protect my family. That action included research, campaigning and networking with other communities who are bearing the brunt of toxic assault from industry in Westralia. More communities are now uniting to take action against polluters and poor regulatory practices here. In the fight against industrial polluters, the frontline is everywhere and its time to make a stand". Right On, Brother! This guy really has his work cut out. WESTRALIA.net hardly blames Business taking shortcuts to make a quick buck. We really dont expect everybody to have morals or a conscience about causing tomorrows problems when there is money to be made. Some people are just plain mercenary or stupid. We can work on that one next century. The real issue is how time and time again the WA government agencies who are paid by the public to protect the public and our natural resources are proven to be deficient, or even of assistance in causing further harm. You have to ask, "whats the point in having these agencies?" (Apart from serving as staff recruitment stock for Industry). WESTRALIA's pollution problems are almost always caused by lack of regulatory enforcement.People need to be aware of what is NOT happening as well as what is happening.
Despite our small population, our health is at risk and the groundwater on which we rely is threatened. Farmland salinity is nothing short of devastating, due to bad land management. Health authorities fail to inform the public of risks and hazards. Our vast marine resources largely unprotected. Beautiful and unique forests have been stripped bare. We are a global Mecca for tourists seeking our vast pristine land. We need protection from idiot$ who have no idea of our true assets. Westralia needs and has a top-notch operator in this field to be our Environmental Protector. Lee has a Masters degree in Ecologically Sustainable Development on contaminated sites policy. He is researching his PhD thesis on environmental justice for citizens affected by toxic contamination.
When he is not swinging on a rope, Lee is also WA based Toxics Campaign for Greenpeace. He works with the Greens Party and a number of existing WA government groups in "trying to get it right" and is keen to see the Westralia community educated about what is acceptable practice in terms of caring for our resources. Click on Lee to go to GREENS (WA) 


Westralia.Net Education & Training Officer
CLICK HERE - Minister for Education & Training.

EDUCATION: ALAN CARPENTER represents Westralia.Net's Education policies. Interestingly, Alan is probably subject of the world's first cyber-political kidnapping, being the Education minister for the real government of WA. The best part of bagging Alan in the .Net is that he also brings along his billion dollar budget to actually (as opposed to virtually) implement his education policies in Westralia. We really didn't believe we could improve on this man's passion for his portfolio, or indeed his long-term vision for education and training in the virtual nation of Westralia. Like many Westralians from regional backgrounds, Alan is well-travelled with an outlook seeking a global leading edge to education policies and implementation. Having a person such as Alan in real government with sympathetic objectives to Westralia.Net's is akin to delivering our mission with a political cruise missile right on target. Westralia.Net's usual method of operation is to rabble-rouse and educate the public on progressive public policy options, thereby generating pressure to change Westralia's adminstrative environment sufficiently so the WA government actually steal our policies. However in Alan's case we are happy to steal his, simply because we believe these policies are genuinely in Westralia's best interest. So even if Alan and his cabinet collegues resent our cyber-kidnapping, there is not much that can be done, because like it or not, Alan Carpenter, his whole department, and infrastructre are working for us. This really is much easier than real kidnapping of real government ministers and attempting brain surgery in our garage.
STOP PRESS, March 2005: Ljilanna Ravlich has taken over Alan's real government portfolio. Alan is still with us until we find out what he wants to do.
CLICK on the Alan's pic to go to Ljilanna's page and Alan's legacy.

Justice Officer
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JUSTICE OFFICER: John BUTTON is Westralia's very own "Hurricane" Carter, (as immortalised by singer, Bob Dylan). John was charged by the WA justice system for murder, and jailed for the killing, despite confessions from the actual murderer, and questionable practices of the prosecution and court process. He suffered in jail, spending time on Death Row, and with all the subsequent costs of an innocent man living under a black cloud. His case made Australian legal history as being the longest time for the conviction to be overturned. It only took about 40 years. So if you are fighting the WA government, keep going. John is interested in promoting and highlighting his circumstances and speaks with school children and community groups about the importance of a justice system with integrity, and the true ramifications of mistakes being made. Legitimate or otherwise. His cause is also to promote an equitable compensation process for victims suffering legitimate losses due to government stuff ups, believing that however careful, some mistakes will occur. Like all of us at Westralia.Net, he believes the governments prime objective should not be self-interest and concealment, but to utilise the results and lessons of bad process and evolve to a superior system. We battle to comprehend the humane depravity that the WA Government bureaucracy exhibit in their efforts to conceal mistakes in the full knowledge innocent people will pay. This is Johns cause. To educate the community and turn around the callous practices that are used by authorities to defeat justice. Another element of Johns case is one that Westralia.net wishes to highlight and cultivate. The greatest assistance to John gaining an elimination of his conviction was the efforts of strangers who were willing to invest considerable personal time and resources to overturn the verdict. They were driven not only by Johns personal circumstances, but the fact that what they perceived to be gross injustice and official concealment of facts. It was a mission undertaken at their own expense for the good of the community. As is written: "For Evil to Exist, All That Is Needed Is For Good People To Do Nothing". They understood John Button was a symptom of a greater disease. Westralia CEO asks: "John Button yesterday, our children tomorrow, what are you going to do?" These folk did something. Estelle Blackburn published his story in her book "Broken Lives", Bret Christian financed the expert investigator from the USA who proved John was not involved in the offence. These people exhibited the spirit of community in finding justice when there was none.  Click on John to go to his JUSTICE PAGE.

Public Sector Standards Officer
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PUBLIC SECTOR STANDARDS: Jean THORNTON is well-known in WA government circles as the nemesis of crooked and incompetent bureaucrats who blight the WA Public Service like the black-pox that they are. Jean identified around a million dollars of unaccounted funds while working in the WA Health dept.    After 3 years of going via the "approriate channels" and each time being dismissed by a system and staff in denial, then further incompetent assessments by apparently dickhead senior ministers,  Jean was forced to air her concerns to the community. After going public the Attorney General met with her and assured Jean her claims of mismanagement of funding and of the psychotic treatment she and other like-minded heroes received from senior public service management would be investigated and resolved. Nothing happened.   Subsequent to Jean going public, her allegations were validated when police laid charges over the alleged rorting of aboriginal health funding.
Not just a stickler for correct contractual and financial procedure, Jean is also concerned about many other aspects of public health in Westralia.    Jean (and all decent people) still can not understand why cases of 5 or 6 year old kids with venereal and other sexually transmitted diseases were not placed for criminal investigation. It has only been as recently as July 2004, and after public pressure, that the bureaucracy relented and changed te regulations.   Gee whiz, Jean! Maybe the little kiddies should be scrubbing their toilets seats a bit harder.   ....Supposedly that is what the super-brains at the WA Health dept. want us to believe. What a truly wonderful state of affairs.
...But failing standards and incompetence are not only the forte of that dept. We know it is far too rampant throughout other WA ministries.
Jean and her watchdog at Westralia.Net will highlight some of the bogies that come our way at Whistlers Corner. CLICK on Jean's pic to go there.

Cultural Heritage & the Arts Officer
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CULTURE HERITAGE & ARTS: Trevor JAMIESON from Norseman has for many years worked in the performing arts generating an awareness of Westralian Cultural Heritage both locally and internationally. His ability as a performer and messenger of our long cultural identity are well recognised performing in Australia, Japan, and Europe, and also being officially invited to perform at the Royal Wedding Celebrations for the Crown Prince of Denmark and his Australian Princess Mary. For Westralia.Net the Cultural heritage role in our evolution is an important investment towards our own social development. It is important for all Westralians to continue to cultivate our own unique artistic heritage that is not repeated anywhere on Earth. It is Westralia.Net’s objective to nurture the remnants of our own historically significant culture that is truly unique. We are obliged to maintain its authenticity and accuracy. It is a long-term project taking into account regional variations, accommodation of foreign, relatively recent and contemporary influences that enrich the lives of Westralians. By this means, Westralia’s community will develop over decades an honest and unique identity reflecting our own journey of cultivating the human interpretations of our own isolated geography and environment. As an indication of his early leadership potential, Trevor was a local celebrity in his home town after the newspaper published a photograph of baby Trevor being kissed by the Australian Prime Minister. ...Cute!    CLICK on Trevor's pic to go to his CULTURE & ARTS page.

Enterprise & Small Business
Lee T. Elvish

ENTERPRISE & SMALL BUSINESS OFFICER: Our man Lee ELVISH represents the small business operators in Westralia and a great believer in personal enterprise. Lee is a well-known horse trader from way back, conducting his business, Esprit Autos on Albany Highway in Victoria Park for many years. Always a keen commentator on local and Federal issues, we always look forward to reading Lees advertisements in the Sunday Times, where he has become an institution, bagging WA and Fed parliamentarians with creative name-calling that should automatically qualify him as a professional scumbag wanker in Parliament. Not only is Lee vocal about degenerate leadership and policies that hold our society back, but he also has a heart of gold in caring for community issues. He has previously been active in Lions Club community projects, assisted the Perth Zoo and the Variety Club with sponsoring activities, and assists employment programs for handicapped individuals through his involvement with Workright. He doesnt advertise these virtues, but we will. Just to let you know that it would be nice if we could all do likewise.   A key philosophy that Westralia.net promotes is that of wealth creation. We dont believe in the erroneous Marxist philosophy of the cake being of a fixed size, which assumes someone misses out to feed another. If you are fit and able, you can be the baker, and make as many cakes and of whatever size you desire.   We believe in the power of human creation transforming into material wealth. This is complimented by human compassion and caring for others in genuine need. When these two human elements are cultivated successfully, we can call ourselves civilised.   It is in the area of small business that citizens should be encouraged to practice their enterprise without the impedance of a penalising taxation system, or an over-regulating self-serving bureaucracy. Lee Elvish stands for rewarding effort and enterprise, encouragement of business growth, and small business being a very active and participatory part of the community. This guy is not just a used car salesman trying to make a buck. He cares, and he wants you to be wealthy and comfortable enough to care too. Then come and see him about that late model Merc or BMW you always wanted with full service history and almost low kilometres. We understand how tough it is selling used cars, Lee. Just imagine, all those moving parts whizzing around at high temperatures, then being left out in the burning sun and rusting rain.   ...Yet Lee is still here, a champion of the working people. Folk who want nothing more than not be hit over the head with a big stick for simply working towards their dreams from which we will all benefit.

TREASURY & FINANCE:  You look after a dollar, and a dollar will look after you.

REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT:  2.6 Million square kilometres, and we have only one real city???

FOREIGN AFFAIRS & AID:  Look to us for example. & If you need Aid, you need strings attached.

TRADE:  Always looking for good deals.

MINERALS & ENERGY:  We have abundance of both.

CULTURAL HERITAGE:  Tens of thousands of years of Dreaming, but no wheel.

ATTORNEY GENERAL & JUSTICE:  Tell somebody who is interested. Us.

COMMUNICATIONS & INFRASTRUCTURE:  We're a big place, and we've got a long way to go.

EDUCATION:  Top priority, starting with you.

HEALTH:  Education + Nutrition + Lifestyle = Prevention.

ARTS & RECREATION:  Be Alive, Express your Self, Enrich our World & Re-Create.

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