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...The Long and Seething Discontent:

Prior to Australian Federation in 1901, a vote was held for or against. Most Western Australians voted against Federation, but as the gold-rush was on in the Goldfields a large number of mining interlopers who left their Victorian goldfields to try their pickings here on our richer fields carried the "Yes" vote through. Again from 1930 to 1939 there was more popular uprising from the "Dominion League" to leave the Federation. A referendum indicated a majority of voters did not want to be in the Federation. Some people still talk about secession. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WESTRALIA.NET! CLICK HERE FOR THE RECORDS.


WESTRALIA.net is a group of committed individuals who believe in the vast potential of Western Australia, its people, and resources.

Individuals involved are either professionally qualified in their chosen field of interest, or are qualified by unfortunate personal experience at the incompetent hand of state government agencies.

Westralia Administration Agency was originally conceived in 1991 by A. Fraser Hobday and Frank Hansford-Miller as a "think-tank" of motivated people to promote good management of Western Australias resources. Being outside the political cycles and party influences, the agency was in an independent position to assess long-term public management and policy proposals put forward by various sources in government, industry, academia.

During the 1990s it became increasingly apparent that succesive WA governments failed to learn important lessons from many past mistakes. The mentality of "cover-ups" and actions outside the public interest appeared to many people to be rampant, particularly in the public health and environmental protection areas.

The tragedy of the earlier Wittenoom saga that resulted in many Western Australians needlessly suffering a protracted death and making us the world capital for mesothelioma (akin to drowning with wet concrete in ones chest over many months) remains an ignored lesson by many in the WA bureaucracy.

Furthermore one of the founders of the original agency found that misinformation generated by WA health authorities in 1981 had resulted in him remaining ignorant that he had contracted serious lead poisoning, despite his personal presentation requesting help at the time. This was only revealed in 1996, when the Sunday Times published front page allegations of the Health Dept. failing to provide blood lead testing of school children adjacent to a heavily polluted former industrial site, because it "did not want to create any hysteria". Hats off to journalist, Michael Southwell.

It appears the department had little concern about creating a lack of public confidence.

The denial story continues with WA Agricultural Board workers allegedly being given off-specification herbicide (ex-Vietnam war) in unmarked drums during the 1980s. The elevated dioxin levels in suspect samples were so high over specification that this chemical could only be described as "toxic waste", not herbicide. The workers were told it was safe enough to drink. Yet as recently as late as February 2004, the state government still had not provided legitimate medical entitlements to the former workers. Of the 90 odd workers affected, 36 were already preamturely dead.

Those people involved in the "managed" toxic waste sites around the State tell similar stories of dismal practices and suspect public poisonings.

Still we find no prosecutions of decision makers who are allowed to continue to operate in a manner contrary to their official responsibilities.

The ministers appear weak. It looks like the Premier passes the buck, and the Attorney General fails to respond to accusations of the WA criminal code being broken by the governments own staff.

So it was in this climate of "no confidence" of consecutive WA state governments, together with many other public policy issues that WESTRALIA.net was floated as a "Pirate Government".

This is akin to the pirate radio stations operating offshore from Western Europe in the 1970s. Listeners chose audio freedom or crap government cotrolled radio.

WESTRALIA.net is a virtual nation, with a virtual government for a nation that does not physically exist, operating parallel to the Western Australian state government.

We make no claim to actual territory. However our geographic references share the same borders as that of the State of Western Australia. All virtual 2,600,000 square kilometres of it.

As a virtual nation we exist only in cyberspace and your mind.

So we have to wait and see what a threat to YOUR mind we are, before we are the subject of the worlds first "inter-national" cyber offensive by "thought control and prevention forces".

However this is where the action is. Your mind. Your thinking, and your ability to say, "Enough is enough. We want intelligent, compasionate government, big on wealth creation and common sense. It is time for human progress. No more dinosaurs!"

WESTRALIA.net will present policies, solutions, and proposals with a vision that is free of petty party politics and short term election promises.

We are small on politics and big on policies.

Our people are diverse and not of any particular left, right or even extreme centre ideals. We will listen to your parrot, if it has good idea.

We debate and hammer out different view points without favour.

We do not care if the State steals our policies. In fact we want them to.

We do not take ourselves seriously.

We are a joke, buffoons and jesters, but our policies are for real, and the potential for land that represents WESTRALIA is real.

Death to Mediocrity! It is the downward path to social entropy.

We put WESTRALIA first, because somebody has to.

WESTRALIA.net puts the WE back into 'STRALIA.

Singing WESTRALIA FREE at President's Birthday.
John Lawd on Keyboard, Ozzy Lee on Vocals, and a shy Richard Blackmoore on Guitar.

"Westralia Free"   
            Anthem of our Dominion.
Land of the vast horizons,
Land where the reef gold gleams,
For chains awaits thee glory
Dominion of our dreams
We will heal thy wrong
By a justice strong
And our victor song, Westralia, Westralia, Westralia shall be free.

Land of the swan-jet plumaged,
Of faery crystal cave,
Dear land, God keep thy people
Brave, as their sires were brave.
In the Day of Right
Be we girt with might
And the battle fight
To set Westralia free.

Plains of our pastures boundless,
Seas of our rainbow'd pearl,
Destiny is your breezes
Liberty's flag unfurl!
See its folds flung wide
And the challenge cried
"On to conquer ride,
"Wave o'er Westralia free!"

Land of the karri spring,
Land of the wheat and vine,
Aye to thy sons and daughters
Faith's altar and Love's shrine.
Lo! Our vows were sworn,
And the triumph born
In a nation's dawn,
"We made Westralia free."


DISCLAIMER: Westralia.Net and the people and entities involved accept no responsibility for accuracy or completeness of any material contained in these publications. Additionally, Westralia.Net and people and entities involved or associated in any way disclaim all liability to any person or entity in respect of anything, and of the consequences of anything, done or omitted to be done by any such person or entity in reliance, whether wholly or partially, upon any information, details, inferences presented in these publications.

Where did we learn such messages of irresponsibility? ...From a Real government publication of course!

If you think a "Pirate Government" is bad news....
Pirate Government of Westralia
...Wait until your life suffers at the hands of the REAL government of WA.