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Thursday, 15 September 2005
Due to security updates "WESTRALIAN WIND-UP" has moved to a new location. You can continue your reading of WESTRALIA NEWS here: New "WESTRALIAN Wind-Up" Journal continues. Click Here.

Posted by Westralia.Net at 10:09 PM JST
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Friday, 26 August 2005
Alumina - Environment Minister Doesn't Want To Know. ...Meanwhile the Natives Are Getting Restless.
It was interesting to see the WA government's Environment Minister arrive during yesterday's alumina industry protest rally. Despite arriving at the front of Parliament House, Edwards apparently decided it would be too difficult to explain to the concerned citizens why she does so very little to enforce the environmental protection regulations.
She decided to take the side entrance into the building. This is entirely consistent with our commentary of the Minister on our RUNDOWN page.

Meanwhile the widows and crowd waited for a government representative who cared.

Posted by Westralia.Net at 12:56 AM JST
Updated: Friday, 26 August 2005 1:08 AM JST
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Tuesday, 23 August 2005
More Alcoa Fan Club News

Groups Include Yarloop and Districts Concerned Residents Committee, Community Alliance for Positive Solutions, Kwinana Progress Association, Alumina Widows and Workers Association, Alliance for a Clean Environment, Conservation Council WA, Conservation Of the Rockingham Environment.


At WESTRALIA.NET we never expect big business to be squeaky-clean, A-Grade corporate citizens.
Why should they, when the WA government actively encourages criminal behaviour by not enforcing regulations?
Why do the bureaucrats not protect our citizens' health as they are employed to do?
Why do they not protect the environment as they are employed to do?
Why does the Corruption & Crime Commission go out of its way to avoid these type of investigations?
...Indeed, what is the CCC good for?

Posted by Westralia.Net at 3:41 PM JST
Updated: Tuesday, 23 August 2005 3:46 PM JST
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Saturday, 16 April 2005
Most Westralians will be aware that Kwinana is the ringside seat for the state!|s concentration of heavy industry and associated emissions. Sure, they bear the brunt of prevailing WSW wind carrying highly questionable air content, but all residents in the southern Perth metro area should support KPA!|s constant call for regulation enforcement.
Those big stacks in Kwinana only serve to disperse the fumes over the top of Kwinana town and further afield.
The never-ending battle between the Kwinana Progress Association (KPA) and the WA Department of Health (DOH) turns up some incredible material to demonstrate a department in denial. A troubling fact in itself, but they spend our money on trying to foist their twisted contrary reality onto the rest of us. Check this out:


Compiled by Steve Hesse
Kwinana Progress Association - KPA

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "The incidence of cancer in Rockingham and Mandurah was higher than average but this was to be expected in an area with a big component of retirees."
- Michael Jackson to West Australian January 2002

?The department conceded that the figures had been age-adjusted?.
- West Australian March 2002
?Kwinana industrial strip not a factor, says Health Department. People living in Kwinana, Rockingham and Mandurah are getting more cancers than the general community, according to Health Department statistics but the department says pollution from the Kwinana industrial strip is not a contributing factor. And it will not release data from its cancer registry, which shows the geographical distribution of cancer victims; because it claims the information may be misinterpreted?.
- West Australian Wednesday March 4 2002

How did the DOH know this back in 2002 when they still don?t know now?
? Steve Hesse KPA

?The Department agreed to release the statistics after the West Australian promised to publish the department?s interpretation of the results?
- West Australian March 6 2002
?There is not an excess of cancer in Kwinana?
- M. Smith DOH at the CIF in Rockingham August 2004

?According to the cancer registry there is no excess of cancer in Kwinana?
-Tim Threlfall DOH commenting at the Kwinana
environmental health forum November 2004.

"The DOH survey report found a 10% higher reported level of cancer in the Town of Kwinana"
- West Australian Friday 29th October 2004

Dr. Keith Woollard and the KPA have been saying for 21/2 years that there is at least a 10% excess of cancer in Kwinana.

"The department?s population health executive director Michael Jackson said the higher results were not considered to be related to industry"
- West Australian Friday 29th November 2004

"The major aim of the study was to identify any health problems around the Kwinana Industrial Strip that were atypical of the state in general, and then to explain the differences if possible. However it is not possible to identify the underlying causes of symptoms or health conditions from a survey of this kind".
- DOH Report Health Survey of Cockburn, Kwinana
and Rockingham - Introduction page 1.
"As far as concerns about chemical exposure is concerned this study should reassure a lot of people because it's very hard to argue against science, and in this case this is based on reports from residents themselves"
- Michael Jackson DOH
West Australian Friday 29th October 2004

"The major aim of the study was to identify any health problems around the Kwinana Industrial Strip that were atypical of the state in general, and then to explain the differences if possible. However it is not possible to identify the underlying causes of symptoms or health conditions from a survey of this kind".
- DOH Report Health Survey of Cockburn, Kwinana
and Rockingham - Introduction page 1.
"The only trend identified in Kwinana is an 87% higher rate of lung cancers among women which health authorities say is likely to be linked to smoking".
- West Australian Tuesday 5th October 2004

?The higher reported rates of lung cancer in Women is because of higher smoking rates of females in Kwinana?
- DOH at KEHF October 28 2004

"A significantly increased likelihood of reporting doctor-diagnosed cancer (which includes all kinds of cancer, including skin cancer) was associated with living in Kwinana".
- DOH Report Health Survey of Cockburn, Kwinana
and Rockingham - conclusions page 45 paragraph 4.

"The rate of smoking in females in Kwinana is significantly higher (26.9%) compared with females in the state (16.9%)?
- DOH Report Health Survey of Cockburn, Kwinana
and Rockingham - page 6 paragraph 4.

10% more females in Kwinana smoke yet 87% excess of lung cancer!!! The DOH are not even considering that factors other than smoking such as pollution/chemical exposure, can cause lung cancer and skin cancer.
? Steve Hesse KPA

Posted by Westralia.Net at 3:40 PM JST
Updated: Saturday, 16 April 2005 3:49 PM JST
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Thursday, 3 March 2005
Incompetent WA government blow another half million dollars.
The story of Westralian crayfisherman, Jeffrey Palmer, finally reached a resolution this week with a compensation pay-out of $500,000 from the mean & dopey WA government.
In 1998 he inquired about fishing zone regulations and was advised by a WA government officer of areas to operate.
Sure enough, the same government charged and fined him $30,000 for fishing illegally in the recommended area. See - High Court Decision
Naturally Palmer fought for justice, but by now has lost his business and income for six years while paying the fine and launching legal challenge against the inept WA government.
Not content with handing out wrong information, then pursuing conviction on another hapless Westralian citizen trying to do the right thing, the WA government then fight the poor sucker denying all responsibility. As they frequently do, no matter who or how many of our beloved Westralian citizens they render bankrupt, hurt, maim or kill.

At Westralia.Net we won't harp on about the incompetence of issuing incorrect advice, simply because this was obviously an error, and mistakes do happen. We would like to think that the offending WA government officer has at least apologised to Jeffrey Palmer.
The real drama is the Minister of Fisheries not stepping in to ensure the subject never went to court in the first place.
However the big blunder for which WE ALL PAY is the government minders (we suspect the notorious Crown Solicitor's Office) dragged this on for so many years that we must all pay Palmer his half million. Which no doubt will not go all the way to compensate for the mess the WA government has made of his life. This would have been a hell of a lot less if the WA government did not try to beat Palmer down into submission by forcing him through the court process over several years.
They stuck to their mean-spirited guns to persecute this man, and were ultimately wrong, ...again.
BEWARE! YOU COULD BE THE NEXT VICTIM OF THESE WANKERS. Certainly someone is going to be. They can?t help themselves.
That?s why Westralia Wind-Up believes these people should be in jail.
Check out the WA Criminal Code and you will probably find them guilty of more than one breach.
As usual, the WA government enforces the law on us, but works above the law itself.

Posted by Westralia.Net at 6:59 AM WST
Updated: Thursday, 3 March 2005 7:04 AM WST
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Monday, 14 February 2005
While viewing a film from the early 60's entitled "The Trial" by Orson Welles, it was quite surprising to see the irony and likeness of the character known only as "the Advocate", also played by Welles.
The trial is an adaptation of Franz KAFKA's novel of the same name. As in Kafka's "The Castle", we see a sinister bureaucratic self-serving system impeding the main character, (Anthony Perkins, of "Psycho" fame) investigating due process of justice by infinite twists and turns, always and ultimately avoiding any resolution.
Is this not a perfect portrayal of how the WA government handles its own misdeeds?The Advocate's claims his purpose is to assist the accused and support the rightness of his cause and defence. The Advocate frequently reminds the accused that he can not proceed without The Advocate's involvement and assures the accused all is at hand while all the time only accumulating and adding to the vast amount of paperwork that fills chambers and miles of overfilled shelves.
There is in practice no purpose, other than that of the self-perpetuating system of a citizenry in defence against the bureaucratic industry of wrong-doing; ...and of course to assure The Advocate's own continued publicity and purpose of existence.


* * * Here we see the sad ironies of history and fiction at play again. * * *

Posted by Westralia.Net at 1:23 PM WST
Updated: Monday, 14 February 2005 1:30 PM WST
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Wednesday, 19 January 2005
Liberal Candidate for the Kimberley and the APB Poisonings
Today the Liberal Party candidate for the Kimberley, SOS JOHNSTON released a press release to the community.
EX - GRATIA PAYMENT TO APB WORKERS"After the election of the next coalition Government, I will be urging the Minister of Agriculture to recommend that the government makes an ex-gratia payment to all those affected by the proven rogue batch of the 245T chemical. The ex-gratia payment should also extend to the families of those who are already deceased as a result of this chemical...."

Westralia.Net believes this is a step in the right direction, but in practice it means very little. Although at least Sos refers to the "proven rogue batch", as opposed to the current Minister for Agriculture, Kim Chance, who amazingly states that no evidence exists of the alleged rogue batch. This is despite all the eyewitness accounts by the manufacturer, the users, and the lab that analysed the labelled substance with a dioxin content of 2600 times above the allowable limit set during the spraying program.

The problem with Sos's statement is a worry.
All the information is available now for the current parliamentary opposition to make a firm commitment on how to resolve this issue.
Are they in government going to accept responsibility that the poison affected the workers or not?
Unfortunately, Sos' statement is little better than the Labor Party's Kim Chance's promises to resolve the matter in his previous electioneering.

The Derby dioxin campaigners have approached the Liberal Party leadership and their Agriculture spokesman for their official position on the APB poisonings.
So far, they will not provide an answer.

Mr. Johnston must realise he is playing a game of high stakes with ordinary people's high aspirations of seeking simple justice for the deaths and suffering caused by the WA government. Chance has already been accused of using the deaths and misery for political opportunism. The current member for Kimberley has been an utter disappointment to her constituents on this issue. Be warned, Sos, we won't tolerate more of the same.
If Johnston wants to demonstrate he is above the quality of past contenders, he should come up with the goods and not repeat the hypothetical hopes foisted on the victims for private and party electoral benefits.
If he can gain his party's total support for satisfactory closure on this shameful debacle, not only will he deserve to win, but also he will always be remembered as the local hero who came through with the goods. This should be an absolute priority for any candidate for the electorate, as hopefully the dumping of Carol Martin will prove.

We plead with Sos Johnston, Liberal candidate for the Kimberley, to do his homework.
Present the readily available facts to his party colleagues, and come back with a firm commitment of resolution. The amount of money offered for ex-gratia payment is not relevant at this stage. That is secondary to the base cause of distress; being the continual lying, deceit, and denial of the criminal activities by the government that caused these deaths and injuries.

There is absolutely NO reason that impedes them from making an informed decision prior to the election.
They can start by looking at Westralia.Net's "Derby Dioxin Report" which clearly highlights the evidence that the present Agriculture Minister says does not exist.

If Sos Johnston can pull this off, he will go a long way in gaining support for his party in an otherwise marginalised section of the community.
This section of the community have been shafted and literally left for dead by the WA government.
All decent people know this.

Posted by Westralia.Net at 8:48 PM WST
Updated: Wednesday, 19 January 2005 9:01 PM WST
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Monday, 29 November 2004

The SUNDAY TIMES produced another series of hard hitting facts about the callous WA government screwing our sick and dying citizens.

Many thanks to the HEROES at the SUNDAY TIMES.

As we say on our INTERNATIONAL page; It will all unravel b,b,b, Bigger-Than-BROCKOVICH.
How long before John Flint leaves town, as the other paper sent our other HERO JOURNALIST, Michael Southwell packing his bags?
Maybe his talents will be too good for this Hicksville, where we all suffer at the hands of Neanderthal WA government.
Roll on WE-GOV.NET !!!
Where the WE is put back into Government.

Posted by Westralia.Net at 9:17 PM WST
Updated: Monday, 29 November 2004 9:31 PM WST
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Tuesday, 23 November 2004
Minutes after posting the last story, we received a fax with a newspaper article by Tom Baxter, cut from the latest edition of the Broome Advertiser:

APB Cover Up
The recently released parliamentary report confirms what the APB workers have known for twenty years - Yes there was a rogue batch of highly toxic chemicals distributed out of Perth.
Professor Armstrong dismissed this fact in his totally discredited and dishonest report.
He should return the 166 thousand dollars he was paid to perpetuate the fraud - and still not a cent for the poisoned and dying workers.
There are powerful forces at work to smother the legitimate claims of the APB workers. The insurance companies liable for payouts must have friends in very high places, prepared to shelter the financial loss. Keen to help the asbestos victims advance their causes, the Gallop government is doing its best to bury the APB workers because it is the state government itself that is culpable, not a private company.
Currently the government is tricking the workers.
They understand their legal rights will disappear the moment their appeals are rejected. The victims would be forgiven for thinking that if they were white, well educated and lived closer to Perth their claims would have been settled 10 years ago.
The state government knows the workers claims have been proven, but they hunt for a technicality to deny justice. This shameful abandonment and cover up will haunt Labor for decades.
The issue heads a royal commission.

Tom Baxter, Derby

We believe Tom is, or maybe was, the ALP sub-branch president up that way.

Posted by Westralia.Net at 7:09 PM WST
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The Western Australian Sunday newspaper, the SUNDAY TIMES ran several articles and editorial on Sunday November 21st about the poisoning of the former government workers sick, dead, or dying from government supplied chemical. As anyone familiar with Westralia.Net will know, this is our current pet project that we are endeavouring to see through to some resolution on behalf of our citizens, and also to bring witness one of the many WA government practices harming our citizens.
It is exactly this sort of public behaviour and gross mismanagement that we wish to rid from our Nation.

What is more relevant however, these articles and supporting editorials are the result of much of the persistent hard work done behind the scenes by your associates at Westralia.Net - Virtual Nation.
What you see on the website is not the only work we do.
Behind the scenes Westralia.Net officers have been at meetings with MP's of various persuasions at Parliament House, in constant communication with primary campaigner, Carl Drysdale in Derby, speaking and providing documents to various journalists. We have also been writing and having letters published in regional press, and placing difficult questions to the government and Minister of Agriculture.

Westralia.Net's Derby Dioxin campaign is demonstrative in our success to challenge and encourage the public and the media to question the red-herring publicity generated by the WA government to cover up its own illegal activities.
What is interesting is, despite the hard slog, the evidence to support the workers' claims that we are bringing to light is not new. It is in fact the same argument put forward twenty years ago.
However what has happened is that the WA government has successfully suppressed the workers eyewitness accounts and the evidence of relevant official reports.
Conversely the WA government constructed and presented a great deal of totally irrelevant information at considerable public cost as "pertinent fact". The resources used in this exercise have been considerable. It is fair to say that the WA government has utilised a small army of bureaucrats and hired guns to shoot down Carl Drysdale and his dying colleagues, as their death rattles were becoming a public embarrassment.
...And it appears they were being successful, using all these public resources to stall and wear down the men and their families seeking recognition for their terrible plight and some simple justice.

We do believe we have been successful in guiding the public argument back to their original claim; That being that the WA government supplied illegally and criminally toxic waste to be applied "as 245T herbicide". The evidence has always been available to make their claim a far more likely event, than the WA government's argument of the existence of "no evidence", the complete dismissal of claims of illegal work practices, and no address of obvious criminal negligence.

Many thanks to Investigative Journalist, John Flint and editorial staff at the Sunday Times in Perth. The story continues in next Sunday's edition.

Posted by Westralia.Net at 5:10 PM WST
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Thursday, 18 November 2004
Westralia.Net is pleased to announce two new appointees to Westralia - Virtual Nation's Government.

The first is our HEAD OF STATE, PRESIDENT MOSES NGOOMBUJARRA. President Ngoombujarra was officially appointed earlier this year, however Westralia.Net Administration decided to take advantage of his pre-arranged and extensive foreign travel agenda for his global introduction tour prior to begining domestic duties. He has now returned and will be resting before starting local engagements. President Ngoombujarra's global tour pictures are currently being loaded on the to the Nation's new Presidential Pages.
Notes of his meetings and travels will added shortly, along with his inaugural Address to the Nation.

The second appointment to be added is our new Education and Training Officer, ALAN CARPENTER. Alan brings to Westralia.Net experience and resources that we could not refuse.
Consistent with all Westralia.Net appointed Government Officers, Alan has spent several years pursuing ideal policies in his chosen portfolio.
Although he was kidnapped, we welcome Alan aboard.

Both President Moses Ngoombujarra and Education Officer, Alan Carpenter are introduced at our GOVERNMENT Page From the navigation bar, you may go to their own pages respectively.

Posted by Westralia.Net at 7:46 PM WST
Updated: Thursday, 18 November 2004 8:22 PM WST
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Saturday, 13 November 2004
A new website is up and running focusing on land pollution, particularly in the Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire. LANDPOISON.COM is operated by Paul Nield.
Nield has been the subject of Restraining Orders from the Shire and related court appearances, in his attempts to publicly question the process that allow such pollution. The site contains pictures and incredible stories that are often quite unbelievable. The amazing part is that Nield is able to back-up allegations with documentation and official records.
Nield is not backward in coming forward when it comes to naming names.
The site demonstrates the the chemical contamination of the Serpentine River, Peel Estuary, and groundwater adjacent to the Jandakot watermound, where Perth city obtains much of its drinking water.
Nield's style is entertaining, but like many of the Expose's related at Westralia.Net, truly horrifying.
He has been very successfuly labelled a crank by the-powers-that-be, however if you are dumb enough to believe those who lie and intentionally mislead to us so frequently, remember, there is no smoke without fire.
...Believe LANDPOISON.COM ...We've seen the fire!

Posted by Westralia.Net at 11:31 AM WST
Updated: Thursday, 18 November 2004 7:53 PM WST
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Friday, 12 November 2004
We received correspondence from the Kwinana Progress Accosiation who have for years being attmpting to get government regulatory authorities to enforce emission laws on neighbouring heavy industries:

I have just been reading the Health Survey Report again and have noted:

Paragraph 2 on Page 1:

"The major aim of the study was to identify any health problems around the
Kwinana Industrial Strip that were atypical of the State in general, and
then to explain the differences if possible. However it is not possible to
identify the underlying causes of symptoms or health conditions from a survey of this kind
(Emphasis added)

I rest my case... This report is worthless for the purpose the DOH intended
it for!

We believe this sentence must have been inserted surreptitiously by an honest Dept of Health officer, ....Coz surely the authors could not be that stupid. ....But then again ...?

Posted by Westralia.Net at 9:22 AM WST
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Monday, 8 November 2004
Westralia.Net received some feedback from our Rundown page (Go to link at bottom of this story), that assesses performances of real WA government ministers (That is, as opposed to Westralia.Net - Virtual Nation's Pirate Government Officers)
Our correspondent believed we were overly harsh on Environment minister, Judy Edwards. After our associate tugged at our heartstrings, we relented and doubled the ministers score. This was not enough, so we explained our position further:

We understand your different point of view on the Rundown.
No doubt it will upset some people, but we believe more Westralian citizens will generally agree with the assessments than not.
We will probably get in more trouble from other parties, such as school teachers and aggrieved land owners suffering rezonings for upbeat comments made about Carpenter & MacTiernan, respectively.

We do not view any of these rundowns as personal.
We are sure almost all these people try to be genuine, even Kim Chance, who scored ZERO (That is: "0", Nil, Nix) However it is their professional performance that is being assessed.
They are human beings with feelings of course, but when they choose by their own free will to collect the hundred odd thousand dollars each year of public money for services rendered to the community, we have a legitimate reason to question what we are paying for.

What Westralia.Net is about is confronting the constant compromise we as citizens suffer while ministers give in to party factions, corporate interests, and bureaucratic Sir Humphries, whose interests are to hold the status quo.
As the poster says that one often comes across at cancer treatment clinics:
"If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you always got."

That is why we suffer substandard governance. The cancer continues, because there is insufficient change to the way we, the citizens, address the system.
Therefore we will do something different. That is what we are doing.
We have no hesitation building a fire of guilt and embarassment under some publicly paid ministers.
If they are not up to the task of serving our citizens, they should move on.

As for Judy Edwards; Yes, we are sure she is a very nice person. So often (at least a few times) we have heard how people were really looking forward to having her as Environment Minister, because at last we would see someone who cared.
We are sure she does, but certainly not enough to exercise her responsibilities as minister. Instead she allows the big boys off for major breaches, without even a slap on the wrist.
Meanwhile a little family-run cheese factory cops a threat of huge fine for allowing waste water to escape.
The people of Kwinana have been let down horribly, with little or no enforcement of industry emission regulations.
Brookdale hazardous waste treatment was only resolved due to community pressure, lead by Paddy Cullen.
The minister has made no new major initiatives on the salinity blight, ...or anything else.
We even hear complaints from her longtime party members about the lack of involvement of the minister in her portfolio.

Unfortunately it is Health and Environment where the biggest prices are paid by the Westralian community.
Rome wasn't built in a day, but these state ministers in a short time managed to change state taxes, commit to a big urban railway project, new water initiatives, and generally try to work towards improvement in the best way they see fit. Regardless of who agrees or not, they have taken action after assessing the requirements.
Attempts are even being made to change directions of the monolithic Health department.
...However on Environment issues, no muscles have been flexed. It has been allowed to continue "doing what they always do".

You might be right, Judy may be subject to internal party pressure not to act.
But please consider; What if that was You? ...What would you do?
...How about publicly resigning from the position, informing the public that you were not able to function in the best interests of our citizens and community. You would inform the the public of the reasons why.
We certainly wouldn't be hanging around for the big pay packet and perks while serious hazards that we know are our responsibility to reduce, are harming innocent people and creatures unabated.
Nothing miraculous there. Both Ian Taylor and Jim McGinty have both bypassed the Parliamentary leadership, due to their own view that they were not up to the requirements of that position.

Our CEO even wrote a personal note to Kim Chance about the poisoned APB workers, suggesting to him this honourable way out of the cover-up he is presiding over that causes more innocent people to die with no closure.
He must know what is going on, even feel a tinge of compassion, but he chooses to follow the bureaucratic line that protects the government's financial interests.
If he wants to stay on, that's his choice.

Westralia.Net does not keep doing what is always done, because we don't want to keep getting what has always been got.
We want different results, so we will do it differently.

As for the Environment minister, all we can say is;
Don't worry, she is paid handsomely for the slight imposition of professional criticism, and no-one is holding a gun to her head to accept the money.

...And just remember this:
No one is laughing at their expense. It is at YOUR expense.
...'Coz WE are the ones paying, Suckers!

See THE RUNDOWN Click here

Posted by Westralia.Net at 3:49 PM WST
Updated: Friday, 12 November 2004 9:35 AM WST
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Monday, 1 November 2004
Westralia.Net releases the DERBY DIOXIN REPORT
Around 50 citizens dead, more dying.

See the suppressed evidence that the WA government says does not exist!
The government, agricultural minister, and their hired guns consistently report there is no evidence supporting the the surviving APB workers claim of exposure to unregulated dioxin upto 2600 times the allowable limit, and much more potent contamination than the dreaded Agent Orange.
Their dumb argument is that there is no documentation to prove supply. This is like arguing Osama Bin Laden does not exist, because he is not in any Afghan telephone book!
The minister says that if the workers were exposed to such a substance, it was outside the tender supply process. Of course it was! That's the point of their complaints! Do you really think anybody is going to leave documentation of such criminal activity? ....and that's their defence?
Is this man an imbecile, or what???
The WA government choose to pretend all the many official records of eyewitness accounts do not exist.

The workers have always claimed secrecy surrounded the arrival of the large quantity of old unmarked drums containing a substance that looked nothing like 245T herbicide. They asked then:
Why does it look different?
Why were the drums unmarked, contrary to the regulations?
What is it?
Why does it making us so sick?
Why can not an alternative be used?
....Then they started dying.
...No answers then. No answers now.

* Evidence of large supply ex-Singapore, despite no records of manufacturing large quantities there, supporting claims of ex-Vietnam war stock.
* Continuity of physical characteristic of fire-damaged stock, manufacturers description, and workers description. This is NOT standard 245T the WA government want you to believe, and the basis of their completely irrelevant medical investigations of effects.
* The same unique product analysed by the government at upto 2600 times the dioxin limit allowable during the application period, and more potent than Agent Orange.
* The human element and effect on the surviving workers, who the the government refused to interview or check their medical records (but managed five (5) psychiatric reports on all the workers without meeting them!) during the Armstrong Review.

Posted by Westralia.Net at 2:13 PM WST
Updated: Monday, 1 November 2004 3:10 PM WST
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Saturday, 16 October 2004
As reported in yesterday's WESTRALIA WIND-UP entry, Westralia.Net CEO's letter to the Broome regional newspaper earlier in the week demonstrated a complete lack of effort by the local Kimberley MLA, Carol Martin on behalf of the many WA government-poisoned citizens in her electorate (See below).

Now in today's West Australian newspaper we read Mrs. Martin is quoted as saying, State Labor politicians and candidates had to begin listening to, and acting for, the people they represented and stop the infighting.

This is much easier than training monkeys!

Posted by Westralia.Net at 10:40 PM JST
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Friday, 15 October 2004
A few weeks ago the BROOME ADVERTISER ran a letter to the editor from Westralia.Net's CEO about the appalling saga of dead and sick former workers poisoned by the WA government. After making reference to the silent co-operation by the local Kimberley Member of Parliament with WA government ministers, a surprising response came the following week from the MP's husband(!) defending her as a champion of the workers. She couldn't manage to write herself, and certainly none of the dying workers bothered to write in supporting Carol Martin MLA, so we supposed we would be hearing from her Mum next.
...But indeed, not her Mum, but Agricultural Minster, Kim Chance waded in attempting to attack our CEO's viewpoint as "irrational". Meanwhile he arranges stalling games while more of our beloved citizens die at the government's hand. Then he and his cronies offer the cancer-dying workers $5,000 (US$3,500) for their lives of pain before death.
As the WA government MP's attempt to validate their shameful behaviour, they are dumb enough to dig holes even deeper for themselves.
Westralia.Net researched the alleged "effort of support" from the Member for Kimberley, Carol Martin for the dying workers and found that since entering Parliament she has 121 enteries in Hansard.
...Z-E-R-O, ...0!
With close to 50 of our people now dead, and still no justice, we have to ask what good is she to the people of the Kimberley?
Looking after Kim Chance and Geoff Gallop appear to be her first priority.
Should we be surprised?
No. ...But be informed. MP's like this need to go.
Replace her with someone who cares and will work for us;
...Anyone. Any political party, but please remove the dead wood.

Posted by Westralia.Net at 9:47 PM JST
Updated: Friday, 15 October 2004 10:18 PM JST
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Tuesday, 5 October 2004
Westralia.Net regrets to report yet another death of a former APB worker in the Kimberley.
Aged 46. The man suffered for years with cramping chest pains, along with all the other symptoms that workers have reported associated with their exposure to the TOXIC WASTE the WA government tries to convince us was normal 245T herbicide.
Yet the government says cancer is the only symptom they will recognise for Workers Compensation.

...Which brings us to our previous story of the $5,000 the government has offered for the cancer victims (Forget the others, such as our latest fatality. "Can't prove any link to us", the WA government says)
The state's Saturday Sept 30 paper reported the $5,000 compensation offer.
Remember you read the news FIRST nearly a week earlier at Westralia.Net, as we campaign for our sick, dying and cheated
citizens in Westralia who have been, and continue to be poisoned due to the WA government's utterly degenerate and shameful activities.

Posted by Westralia.Net at 9:47 PM JST
Updated: Tuesday, 5 October 2004 9:55 PM JST
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Monday, 27 September 2004
Westralians should take note. The Australian Financial Review carried a story today. Especially timely since our last entry, "...on the steps of Parliament House."
Safety Proposals Unfair, Employers Complain"
New laws are expected to be introduced this Parliamentary session in NSW would mean much higher fines and as well as jail terms for directors and managers for when death is the result of breaches to the Occupational Health and Safety laws.
Currently this can only apply on a second offence.
In other words you have to be a two-time-loser director before you receive any punishment.
The Australian Industry Group is whinging because they say business will be punished and the proposed laws conter-productive.
...Obviously these people just don't get it!
Yes. It will punish people. Yes, it has nothing to do with (short-term) productivity.
This is to do with people's lives, and ensuring known death risks are avoided by instilling responsibility where it belongs. At long last.
Firstly, wait and see if the new laws are passed; Secondly let's see if it applies to government officers whose lack of professional responsibilities also cause death. ...So what about that?
That is what we need in here Westralia.

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Updated: Monday, 27 September 2004 8:28 PM JST
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Friday, 24 September 2004
There is a rumour filtering down from Westralia's north. Some of the former government workers who are affected by the APB chemically induced cancer have allegedly been offered $5,000 to settle their Workers Compensation claims.
Considering close to 50 are already dead, it is not a great outlook of security to leave your family especially since in many cases CentreLink will have to be repaid any amount received as sickness or disability payments.
Maybe the WA government reckon they can pass off this princely sum to dying Aboriginals, knowing full well they are screwing them.
Westralia.Net has already uncovered the Aboriginal Legal Service incorrectly advising the workers that they did not have much hope of legal claim, for reasons contrary to the Workers Compensation Act. (Notice the regular media hasn't picked up that one) Yet now the WA government insurer wants to settle before our boys die.
....For what? $5,000?
And they have treated the claimants as frauds; making them jump through hoops and hurdles for twenty years.
Frauds? ...Surely a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

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Updated: Saturday, 25 September 2004 6:10 PM JST
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