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Tuesday, 23 November 2004
The Western Australian Sunday newspaper, the SUNDAY TIMES ran several articles and editorial on Sunday November 21st about the poisoning of the former government workers sick, dead, or dying from government supplied chemical. As anyone familiar with Westralia.Net will know, this is our current pet project that we are endeavouring to see through to some resolution on behalf of our citizens, and also to bring witness one of the many WA government practices harming our citizens.
It is exactly this sort of public behaviour and gross mismanagement that we wish to rid from our Nation.

What is more relevant however, these articles and supporting editorials are the result of much of the persistent hard work done behind the scenes by your associates at Westralia.Net - Virtual Nation.
What you see on the website is not the only work we do.
Behind the scenes Westralia.Net officers have been at meetings with MP's of various persuasions at Parliament House, in constant communication with primary campaigner, Carl Drysdale in Derby, speaking and providing documents to various journalists. We have also been writing and having letters published in regional press, and placing difficult questions to the government and Minister of Agriculture.

Westralia.Net's Derby Dioxin campaign is demonstrative in our success to challenge and encourage the public and the media to question the red-herring publicity generated by the WA government to cover up its own illegal activities.
What is interesting is, despite the hard slog, the evidence to support the workers' claims that we are bringing to light is not new. It is in fact the same argument put forward twenty years ago.
However what has happened is that the WA government has successfully suppressed the workers eyewitness accounts and the evidence of relevant official reports.
Conversely the WA government constructed and presented a great deal of totally irrelevant information at considerable public cost as "pertinent fact". The resources used in this exercise have been considerable. It is fair to say that the WA government has utilised a small army of bureaucrats and hired guns to shoot down Carl Drysdale and his dying colleagues, as their death rattles were becoming a public embarrassment.
...And it appears they were being successful, using all these public resources to stall and wear down the men and their families seeking recognition for their terrible plight and some simple justice.

We do believe we have been successful in guiding the public argument back to their original claim; That being that the WA government supplied illegally and criminally toxic waste to be applied "as 245T herbicide". The evidence has always been available to make their claim a far more likely event, than the WA government's argument of the existence of "no evidence", the complete dismissal of claims of illegal work practices, and no address of obvious criminal negligence.

Many thanks to Investigative Journalist, John Flint and editorial staff at the Sunday Times in Perth. The story continues in next Sunday's edition.

Posted by Westralia.Net at 5:10 PM WST
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