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Saturday, 13 November 2004
A new website is up and running focusing on land pollution, particularly in the Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire. LANDPOISON.COM is operated by Paul Nield.
Nield has been the subject of Restraining Orders from the Shire and related court appearances, in his attempts to publicly question the process that allow such pollution. The site contains pictures and incredible stories that are often quite unbelievable. The amazing part is that Nield is able to back-up allegations with documentation and official records.
Nield is not backward in coming forward when it comes to naming names.
The site demonstrates the the chemical contamination of the Serpentine River, Peel Estuary, and groundwater adjacent to the Jandakot watermound, where Perth city obtains much of its drinking water.
Nield's style is entertaining, but like many of the Expose's related at Westralia.Net, truly horrifying.
He has been very successfuly labelled a crank by the-powers-that-be, however if you are dumb enough to believe those who lie and intentionally mislead to us so frequently, remember, there is no smoke without fire.
...Believe LANDPOISON.COM ...We've seen the fire!

Posted by Westralia.Net at 11:31 AM WST
Updated: Thursday, 18 November 2004 7:53 PM WST
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Friday, 12 November 2004
We received correspondence from the Kwinana Progress Accosiation who have for years being attmpting to get government regulatory authorities to enforce emission laws on neighbouring heavy industries:

I have just been reading the Health Survey Report again and have noted:

Paragraph 2 on Page 1:

"The major aim of the study was to identify any health problems around the
Kwinana Industrial Strip that were atypical of the State in general, and
then to explain the differences if possible. However it is not possible to
identify the underlying causes of symptoms or health conditions from a survey of this kind
(Emphasis added)

I rest my case... This report is worthless for the purpose the DOH intended
it for!

We believe this sentence must have been inserted surreptitiously by an honest Dept of Health officer, ....Coz surely the authors could not be that stupid. ....But then again ...?

Posted by Westralia.Net at 9:22 AM WST
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Monday, 8 November 2004
Westralia.Net received some feedback from our Rundown page (Go to link at bottom of this story), that assesses performances of real WA government ministers (That is, as opposed to Westralia.Net - Virtual Nation's Pirate Government Officers)
Our correspondent believed we were overly harsh on Environment minister, Judy Edwards. After our associate tugged at our heartstrings, we relented and doubled the ministers score. This was not enough, so we explained our position further:

We understand your different point of view on the Rundown.
No doubt it will upset some people, but we believe more Westralian citizens will generally agree with the assessments than not.
We will probably get in more trouble from other parties, such as school teachers and aggrieved land owners suffering rezonings for upbeat comments made about Carpenter & MacTiernan, respectively.

We do not view any of these rundowns as personal.
We are sure almost all these people try to be genuine, even Kim Chance, who scored ZERO (That is: "0", Nil, Nix) However it is their professional performance that is being assessed.
They are human beings with feelings of course, but when they choose by their own free will to collect the hundred odd thousand dollars each year of public money for services rendered to the community, we have a legitimate reason to question what we are paying for.

What Westralia.Net is about is confronting the constant compromise we as citizens suffer while ministers give in to party factions, corporate interests, and bureaucratic Sir Humphries, whose interests are to hold the status quo.
As the poster says that one often comes across at cancer treatment clinics:
"If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you always got."

That is why we suffer substandard governance. The cancer continues, because there is insufficient change to the way we, the citizens, address the system.
Therefore we will do something different. That is what we are doing.
We have no hesitation building a fire of guilt and embarassment under some publicly paid ministers.
If they are not up to the task of serving our citizens, they should move on.

As for Judy Edwards; Yes, we are sure she is a very nice person. So often (at least a few times) we have heard how people were really looking forward to having her as Environment Minister, because at last we would see someone who cared.
We are sure she does, but certainly not enough to exercise her responsibilities as minister. Instead she allows the big boys off for major breaches, without even a slap on the wrist.
Meanwhile a little family-run cheese factory cops a threat of huge fine for allowing waste water to escape.
The people of Kwinana have been let down horribly, with little or no enforcement of industry emission regulations.
Brookdale hazardous waste treatment was only resolved due to community pressure, lead by Paddy Cullen.
The minister has made no new major initiatives on the salinity blight, ...or anything else.
We even hear complaints from her longtime party members about the lack of involvement of the minister in her portfolio.

Unfortunately it is Health and Environment where the biggest prices are paid by the Westralian community.
Rome wasn't built in a day, but these state ministers in a short time managed to change state taxes, commit to a big urban railway project, new water initiatives, and generally try to work towards improvement in the best way they see fit. Regardless of who agrees or not, they have taken action after assessing the requirements.
Attempts are even being made to change directions of the monolithic Health department.
...However on Environment issues, no muscles have been flexed. It has been allowed to continue "doing what they always do".

You might be right, Judy may be subject to internal party pressure not to act.
But please consider; What if that was You? ...What would you do?
...How about publicly resigning from the position, informing the public that you were not able to function in the best interests of our citizens and community. You would inform the the public of the reasons why.
We certainly wouldn't be hanging around for the big pay packet and perks while serious hazards that we know are our responsibility to reduce, are harming innocent people and creatures unabated.
Nothing miraculous there. Both Ian Taylor and Jim McGinty have both bypassed the Parliamentary leadership, due to their own view that they were not up to the requirements of that position.

Our CEO even wrote a personal note to Kim Chance about the poisoned APB workers, suggesting to him this honourable way out of the cover-up he is presiding over that causes more innocent people to die with no closure.
He must know what is going on, even feel a tinge of compassion, but he chooses to follow the bureaucratic line that protects the government's financial interests.
If he wants to stay on, that's his choice.

Westralia.Net does not keep doing what is always done, because we don't want to keep getting what has always been got.
We want different results, so we will do it differently.

As for the Environment minister, all we can say is;
Don't worry, she is paid handsomely for the slight imposition of professional criticism, and no-one is holding a gun to her head to accept the money.

...And just remember this:
No one is laughing at their expense. It is at YOUR expense.
...'Coz WE are the ones paying, Suckers!

See THE RUNDOWN Click here

Posted by Westralia.Net at 3:49 PM WST
Updated: Friday, 12 November 2004 9:35 AM WST
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Monday, 1 November 2004
Westralia.Net releases the DERBY DIOXIN REPORT
Around 50 citizens dead, more dying.

See the suppressed evidence that the WA government says does not exist!
The government, agricultural minister, and their hired guns consistently report there is no evidence supporting the the surviving APB workers claim of exposure to unregulated dioxin upto 2600 times the allowable limit, and much more potent contamination than the dreaded Agent Orange.
Their dumb argument is that there is no documentation to prove supply. This is like arguing Osama Bin Laden does not exist, because he is not in any Afghan telephone book!
The minister says that if the workers were exposed to such a substance, it was outside the tender supply process. Of course it was! That's the point of their complaints! Do you really think anybody is going to leave documentation of such criminal activity? ....and that's their defence?
Is this man an imbecile, or what???
The WA government choose to pretend all the many official records of eyewitness accounts do not exist.

The workers have always claimed secrecy surrounded the arrival of the large quantity of old unmarked drums containing a substance that looked nothing like 245T herbicide. They asked then:
Why does it look different?
Why were the drums unmarked, contrary to the regulations?
What is it?
Why does it making us so sick?
Why can not an alternative be used?
....Then they started dying.
...No answers then. No answers now.

* Evidence of large supply ex-Singapore, despite no records of manufacturing large quantities there, supporting claims of ex-Vietnam war stock.
* Continuity of physical characteristic of fire-damaged stock, manufacturers description, and workers description. This is NOT standard 245T the WA government want you to believe, and the basis of their completely irrelevant medical investigations of effects.
* The same unique product analysed by the government at upto 2600 times the dioxin limit allowable during the application period, and more potent than Agent Orange.
* The human element and effect on the surviving workers, who the the government refused to interview or check their medical records (but managed five (5) psychiatric reports on all the workers without meeting them!) during the Armstrong Review.

Posted by Westralia.Net at 2:13 PM WST
Updated: Monday, 1 November 2004 3:10 PM WST
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Saturday, 16 October 2004
As reported in yesterday's WESTRALIA WIND-UP entry, Westralia.Net CEO's letter to the Broome regional newspaper earlier in the week demonstrated a complete lack of effort by the local Kimberley MLA, Carol Martin on behalf of the many WA government-poisoned citizens in her electorate (See below).

Now in today's West Australian newspaper we read Mrs. Martin is quoted as saying, State Labor politicians and candidates had to begin listening to, and acting for, the people they represented and stop the infighting.

This is much easier than training monkeys!

Posted by Westralia.Net at 10:40 PM JST
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Friday, 15 October 2004
A few weeks ago the BROOME ADVERTISER ran a letter to the editor from Westralia.Net's CEO about the appalling saga of dead and sick former workers poisoned by the WA government. After making reference to the silent co-operation by the local Kimberley Member of Parliament with WA government ministers, a surprising response came the following week from the MP's husband(!) defending her as a champion of the workers. She couldn't manage to write herself, and certainly none of the dying workers bothered to write in supporting Carol Martin MLA, so we supposed we would be hearing from her Mum next.
...But indeed, not her Mum, but Agricultural Minster, Kim Chance waded in attempting to attack our CEO's viewpoint as "irrational". Meanwhile he arranges stalling games while more of our beloved citizens die at the government's hand. Then he and his cronies offer the cancer-dying workers $5,000 (US$3,500) for their lives of pain before death.
As the WA government MP's attempt to validate their shameful behaviour, they are dumb enough to dig holes even deeper for themselves.
Westralia.Net researched the alleged "effort of support" from the Member for Kimberley, Carol Martin for the dying workers and found that since entering Parliament she has 121 enteries in Hansard.
...Z-E-R-O, ...0!
With close to 50 of our people now dead, and still no justice, we have to ask what good is she to the people of the Kimberley?
Looking after Kim Chance and Geoff Gallop appear to be her first priority.
Should we be surprised?
No. ...But be informed. MP's like this need to go.
Replace her with someone who cares and will work for us;
...Anyone. Any political party, but please remove the dead wood.

Posted by Westralia.Net at 9:47 PM JST
Updated: Friday, 15 October 2004 10:18 PM JST
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Tuesday, 5 October 2004
Westralia.Net regrets to report yet another death of a former APB worker in the Kimberley.
Aged 46. The man suffered for years with cramping chest pains, along with all the other symptoms that workers have reported associated with their exposure to the TOXIC WASTE the WA government tries to convince us was normal 245T herbicide.
Yet the government says cancer is the only symptom they will recognise for Workers Compensation.

...Which brings us to our previous story of the $5,000 the government has offered for the cancer victims (Forget the others, such as our latest fatality. "Can't prove any link to us", the WA government says)
The state's Saturday Sept 30 paper reported the $5,000 compensation offer.
Remember you read the news FIRST nearly a week earlier at Westralia.Net, as we campaign for our sick, dying and cheated
citizens in Westralia who have been, and continue to be poisoned due to the WA government's utterly degenerate and shameful activities.

Posted by Westralia.Net at 9:47 PM JST
Updated: Tuesday, 5 October 2004 9:55 PM JST
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Monday, 27 September 2004
Westralians should take note. The Australian Financial Review carried a story today. Especially timely since our last entry, "...on the steps of Parliament House."
Safety Proposals Unfair, Employers Complain"
New laws are expected to be introduced this Parliamentary session in NSW would mean much higher fines and as well as jail terms for directors and managers for when death is the result of breaches to the Occupational Health and Safety laws.
Currently this can only apply on a second offence.
In other words you have to be a two-time-loser director before you receive any punishment.
The Australian Industry Group is whinging because they say business will be punished and the proposed laws conter-productive.
...Obviously these people just don't get it!
Yes. It will punish people. Yes, it has nothing to do with (short-term) productivity.
This is to do with people's lives, and ensuring known death risks are avoided by instilling responsibility where it belongs. At long last.
Firstly, wait and see if the new laws are passed; Secondly let's see if it applies to government officers whose lack of professional responsibilities also cause death. ...So what about that?
That is what we need in here Westralia.

Posted by Westralia.Net at 4:39 PM JST
Updated: Monday, 27 September 2004 8:28 PM JST
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Friday, 24 September 2004
There is a rumour filtering down from Westralia's north. Some of the former government workers who are affected by the APB chemically induced cancer have allegedly been offered $5,000 to settle their Workers Compensation claims.
Considering close to 50 are already dead, it is not a great outlook of security to leave your family especially since in many cases CentreLink will have to be repaid any amount received as sickness or disability payments.
Maybe the WA government reckon they can pass off this princely sum to dying Aboriginals, knowing full well they are screwing them.
Westralia.Net has already uncovered the Aboriginal Legal Service incorrectly advising the workers that they did not have much hope of legal claim, for reasons contrary to the Workers Compensation Act. (Notice the regular media hasn't picked up that one) Yet now the WA government insurer wants to settle before our boys die.
....For what? $5,000?
And they have treated the claimants as frauds; making them jump through hoops and hurdles for twenty years.
Frauds? ...Surely a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Posted by Westralia.Net at 11:13 PM JST
Updated: Saturday, 25 September 2004 6:10 PM JST
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Wednesday Sept 22 saw some activity at state Parliament House with the Alumina Widows and Workers Action Group presenting a petition and protest to the government. The group and local community were opposed to Alcoa's plan to run a liquor burner at their Kwinana refinery. At the eleventh hour Environment Minister, Judy Edwards aka "Toxic Queen" appeared to be attempting to appease the protesters the afternoon before the rally by announcing that a full environmental assessment will be carried out prior to Alcoa being allowed to operate the burner.
This was not particularly relevant, as the community and workers who are concerned don't want any liquor burner there. (Government) assessed or not. Westralia.Net's Science Officer, Dr. Geoff Pain was present. Pain has been assisting the local alumina industry affected communities with air quality inquiries and generally doing some of the work that state regulators should be doing. For example, finding out what are the emissions.
Westralia.Net's own Grim Reaper was also there, representing the many deaths in Westralia caused by the WA government's cover-up and denial mentalities that we love to highlight. The Parliament House squad of the WA Police nabbed him on the way in to quiz him and check his ID, only to find he looked more deadly like a sweaty arab terrorist with his mask off, than as the hooded Grim Reaper.
The rally was not only to say to the government we don't want these deadly pollutants on our doorstep, but also to make an issue about the way the government turns a blind eye to the frequent related chemical spills from the industry, the extraordinary high number of workers dying while or after working at the Kwinana plant (how many oufits have their own Widows Group?), and the on-going fight to maintain safe emissions from Kwinana industry generally. The government loves to promote "Corporate Self-Regulation" of industry, simply because it is cheap and removes their responsibility.
The government do not want to hear the bloody obvious, ....IT DOESN'T WORK.
Pure logic dictates that corporate self-regulation is literally self-defeating.
The fairy tale of a "Noble Corporation" is just that; A pure fairy tale.
If we want human values to an entity, then we must hold humans accountable. The people who make the decisions are human, and they are the ones responsible. Accountability and corporation do not co-exist in the same sentence. Corporations serve a financial purpose solely as a capital-administrative vehicle.
Don't blame the corporation. It is only a piece of paper or a binary ID in a bunch of hard drives.
If you're looking for accountability, you won't find it there.
If you want responsibility, look for the PEOPLE who are charged with the responsibility. Look for the humans who must FEAR jail and personal punitive damages for being a hazard to the community. (Just like the rest of us)...Then you will see SELF-REGULATION, literally. That is what fear is good for.
So it has to be the bosses of the corporation, or the government officers who are charged to regulate.
These days our government is too smart with its pals. No-one is responsible, and innocent people die.
...'Coz YOU ain't worth shit to them!

Posted by Westralia.Net at 12:35 AM JST
Updated: Tuesday, 28 September 2004 10:05 PM JST
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Monday, 20 September 2004
Carl Drysdale, who has been leading the 20+ year campaign seeking justice for the WA government's former chemically exposed workers had his Workers' Compensation claim rejected last week.
Mr. Drysdale reports that the latest WA government doctor that interviewed him was very sympathetic at the time, but his report back to the government was anything but sympathetic. We don't understand how a toxicologist can say these men are not affected by the extremely high dioxin content that the government's own reports demonstrate existed in the chemical supplied to the workers.
Is this yet another government hired gun?
Drysdale has also advised that another worker who is now blind due to contact with the herbicide has also been given the short-shift. Drysdale says the doctor has reported to the government that this worker's blindness has probably been caused by previous consumption of excessive alcohol and tobacco smoke.
???(Why is it a big part of the Australian population is not blind?
How about one of us sits down with a beer and a cigar, while we get some dioxin loaded herbicide to splash into a WA government-hired doctor's eyes. Then after a bit more of the same, we can see who is blind. ...Case closed.)

Drysdale, who was in charge of the chemical sprayers' bush camps, says the camps were dry of alcohol. Not only that, but the onset of the worker's blindness coincides directly with his employment and chemical exposure.
This not only is another setback for the affected workers involved, around 50 who have died prematurely, but another demonstration that the WA government does its damn best to avoid legal and moral responsibilities.
This is not only about workers statutory rights being hijacked by deceit, but also an attempt to sweep under the carpet the alleged criminal activity by the government of supplying the offending highly toxic waste to its own workers. Westralia.Net does not believe this was standard production 245T that the government wants everyone to believe.
See:Derby Dioxin Pages
Carl Drysdale says this is organised white-collar crime against blue-collar workers.
We don't usually buy this class conflict crap here in Westralia, but unfortunately we think he is right.

Posted by Westralia.Net at 2:59 PM JST
Updated: Tuesday, 28 September 2004 10:07 PM JST
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Wednesday, 25 August 2004
Citizens Dying - WA government still lying. Another Dead. - RIP.
While the WA goverment continue their cruel stalling game, denying responsibility and legitimate workers compensation entitlements, yet another former Kimberley Agricultural Dept worker has died. Sitting in his kitchen, his wife discovers him; Dead sitting there. The man was lucky if he reached 50 years.
Much the same scenario as the previous former worker. His daughter called for her father, no answer, ...found him dead on the front porch.
...Still the assholes in the WA government say there is no evidence of improper supply of chemical and no evidence of causing ill health, apart from the possibility of cancer!
The likes of Agricultural Minister Kim Chance and premier Giddy-up Gallop should be utterly ashamed of their part in downplaying these criminal killings of innocent citizens.
Does the widow qualify for a cheque? Probably does.
Much the same as John Steinbeck's, Grapes of Wrath, let the bastards die first before the WA government acknowledges their suffering.

Westralia.Net offers condolences to the family.

Posted by Westralia.Net at 9:56 PM JST
Updated: Wednesday, 25 August 2004 10:01 PM JST
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Wednesday, 11 August 2004
Only one (1) poisoned worker's claim paid.
It was revealed on August 6 that one of the many Workers Compensation claims for the poisoned Kimberley chemical sprayers has been paid, despite more than 40 already dead. Incredibly this is six months after Agricultural Minister, Kim Chance told the long suffering and dying former workers that their claims would be "Fast-Tracked". We know of claimants who have fought the WA Insurance Commission all the way, and have still received costs within 6 months! Yet Kim Chance says our boys are being Fast-Tracked.
See our "How to Help" page on our DERBY DIOXIN section for more very revealing questions about how the WA government has stifled fair assessment of the workers' claims.
Most of the workers have no idea who the successful claimant is. However keep in mind that if this worker has been on Social Security payments due to his/her illness, they will be obliged to repay those payments to CentreLink. Meanwhile more workers will die.

Posted by Westralia.Net at 1:47 PM JST
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Wednesday, 21 July 2004
Black-Balled by Attorney General's Staff
From the Desk of WESTRALIA.Net CEO: As I have on-going unfinished business with the WA government's Attorney General's office, I must comment on how nice it is to be a known commodity.
Now when I announce myself, I am always told the person I wish to speak is not there, or "the systems down", so they can't give me any information. However if someone else calls on my behalf the person who has been missing for weeks has suddenly beamed back into the office to take the call. It must be a big disappointment for them to find it is really me, still waiting for answers for the government to explain the alleged illegal conduct and criminal activity of government bureaucrats.

Posted by Westralia.Net at 1:34 AM JST
Updated: Sunday, 1 August 2004 2:44 AM JST
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Wednesday, 23 June 2004
WESTRALIA.Net CEO finished filming yesterday with Toronto-based film producer, Niv Fichman. After completing films this year with Robert Redford, and another with Isabella Rosselina, he headed this way to find some of the dirty deeds done by the WA government involved in the poisoning of its own citizens. Interestingly he heard about the CEO's problems from some of the gang at U.S. Department of Energy and University of Chicago's Argonne National Laboratory who had been using the world's largest electron accelerator to discover a related mystery. See Argonne National Laboratory here.
Niv and associates were told, "You want to see problems, go out to Western Australia and see this guy". It was an expensive exercise shooting in state of the art High-Definition, but he had to come all this way to find something that couldn't be found anywhere else in the world. Such are the far-flung implications of the WA government's treatment of its own citizens.
We can't let the cat out of the bag and tell you the story, otherwise that would spoil the movie when it comes out next year, but needless to say WESTRALIA.Net goes far and wide to draw attention the immoral corruption we are forced to face here.
The film has already been pre-sold to an Australian National broadcaster, and other international broadcasters and film circuits.

Credits to our local Westralian film crew: Simon on Camera, Nig the Wig on Lighting, Scott as Sound technician, and Leonora on Production Admin. All mentioned in glowing despatches back to Toronto HQ.

Posted by Westralia.Net at 4:46 PM JST
Updated: Friday, 9 July 2004 7:44 PM JST
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Friday, 11 June 2004
Marie Ryan has accepted the post as WESTRALIA.NET HEALTH OFFICER. See her profile on our "Government" page. It was Naomi Segal, Marie and other parents affected by mandatory chemical spraying with substances banned elsewhere that succesfully altered the regulations allowing WA to finally catch up with the rest of the educated world about the dangers of organochlorine chemicals. Media reports from the time illustrate how the WA Health Department had to be dragged "kicking & shouting" about the chemicals' alleged safety. Unfortunately by the time Marie and associoates won their campaign many Westralians parents and children unnecessarily suffered sometimes horrendous consequences of the WA governments concerted denials.

Posted by Westralia.Net at 12:42 PM JST
Updated: Friday, 9 July 2004 7:49 PM JST
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Tuesday, 11 May 2004

Corruption and Crime Commission Defines FORTIFICATION

Further to our previous WIND-UP story about the the biker gang being served a Fortification Notice, the crew at WA governments Corruption and Crime Commission have responded to our inquiry; "What is the definition of FORTIFICATION?" Ms. K of CCC responds: The CCC definition of "fortification" is set out in section 67(1) of the Corruption and Crime Commission Act 2003 to mean "any structure or device that, whether alone or as part of a system, is designed to prevent or impede, or to provide any other form of countermeasure against, uninvited entry to premises". So back to our original pondering; Could WA government departments be defined as "FORTIFIED". It appears that the answer is YES. Now to the part (b) of the aforementioned Fortification Notice that refers to people within being reasonably suspected of engaging in criminal activity. Some at WESTRALIA.Net do certainly and reasonably suspect some people in the WA government fortifications to be involved in organised criminal activity. ...Even to the point that we have submitted lengthy police statements alleging same.

Posted by Westralia.Net at 8:22 PM JST
Updated: Wednesday, 12 May 2004 8:27 PM JST
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Sunday, 9 May 2004

The AAA Comes To Town

Yesterday a new group was formed called the Alumina Action Alliance. The group is a consolidation of interests from the Consevation Council of WA, the Yarloop and Districts Concerned Residents' Committee, the Kwinana Progress Association, the Kwinana Watchdog Group, The Alumina Widows and Workers Association, and the Wilderness Society. The main thrust of the AAA is the concern about the WA government supporting expansion plans of Alcoa and Worseley, while there exist so many unanswered questions about the illnesses and deaths of workers and nearby communities of existing alumina facilities. AAA has written to Premier Geoff Gallop calling on the State Government not to support the expansion plans and to hold a public inquiry into the pollution and health effects. Alliance spokesman Tony Hall said there should be no environmental approval for alumina refinery expansion until it could be proved beyond doubt there would be no further harm to workers or nearby residents. "It is shocking that the companies are pushing ahead with these plans and alarming that the Government has so quickly pledged its support while the health issues are still generating so much concern and are yet to be fully explored," Mr Hall said, For further details about the Alliance readers can contact Tony Hall on: 0400 099 446 or Michael Southwell on: 0400 114 125

Posted by Westralia.Net at 5:45 PM JST
Updated: Tuesday, 11 May 2004 11:37 PM JST
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Tuesday, 4 May 2004
Fortification Notice
Luke Eliot wrote in the West Australian last month about the Gypsy Jokers biker gang again attracting attention of the WA Police, this time about the police previously serving a "Fortification Notice" that obliged the GJ's to satisfy the police that it was NOT heavily fortified. Gypsy Jokers simply provided a key to the police to counter any claim of fortification. The GJ rep made the point that all the WA Services had a key to read the Water meter, Gas meter and the like. So it is a little difficult to say your holding the fort, while handing out keys to the front door.
The police Commissioner originally applied to the Corruption and Crime Commission for the Fortification Warning on the grounds that the premises are "heavily fortified and habitually used by a class of people reasonably suspected of being involved in organised crime".
Gypsy Jokers say the security cameras and 1.8m wall are simply to protect their toys from being stolen.
The story goes on to say that the real challenge for the gang will be to disprove part (b) of the notice; That the clubhouse is habitually used by significant number of people suspected of organised criminal activities.
...So what's the WIND-UP point of this story?
Take a look at our Whistlers' Corner, see the WA Criminal Code extracts. These are the criminal activities that we believe have frequently been breached by officers of the WA government. Like the Health Dept., Dept. Of Environmental Protection, to name some of the most regular culprits that often raise our suspicions. Are these Departments fortified? What is the definition? Well, they just don't let you walk in.
... And what of the record of some of the churches?
Some look like forts, and let's face it, one particular church has the dubious distinction of what seems like more allegations, charges, and convictions for criminal activity of (organised and concealing) criminally physically and sexually abusing more people than any other entity in modern human history.(Well, maybe discounting the Nuremberg Trials)
So why pick on the Gypsy Jokers?
WHY NOT START AT THE TOP? If one really wants to benefit society, that is the correct place, so as to lead by exemplary example. ....Dream on for real leadership.

Posted by Westralia.Net at 1:38 AM JST
Updated: Wednesday, 5 May 2004 3:09 PM JST
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Monday, 26 April 2004
Corruption and Crime Commission Flooded with Gripes.
Yesterday's Sunday Times carried a story by Peter Law about the new Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC) being flooded with complaints in its first 100 days of operation. The CCC takes over from the "useless as teats on a bull" Anti-Coruption Commission (ACC). Chief CCC consulant Matthew Byrne is quoted as saying, "There is always a flurry of complaints when a new body is established..., ...but we didn't think it would be this many".
This illustrate that even the professionals in the firing line have no idea about the size of the problem here.
The story goes on to state that the CCC had found about half its expected 150 staff members and the Commission would be fully operational by July. is astounded that they require 150 staff to investigate the estimated amount of WA Government corruption. (We have such a small population). Now they find the number of cases is going to be larger than originally thought.
One ponders if the CCC will ever be able to get the tiger by the tail.
So far it seems they have only catered for dealings with a slightly feral moggy.
Big mistake. The offending entity is an evil beast.
Of course many cynics will believe that the CCC will be held on a very short leash, or become corrupted itself, thereby become part of the evil.
What a challenge Mr. Byrne and his collegues will face, just keeping their head above the rising cesspool of muck.
We believe the CCC had better make hay while the sun shines. At least while WA has a relatively reformist Attorney General.

If you want to read what the ethics requirement should be, you can go to our INTRODUCTION page. Click on the GRIM REAPER and "see the facade he hides behind". It is unfortunate that so, many, many people will find the statements on ethics on the linked CCC site a cruel and sad joke.
Frequent breaching of these standards over the years has cost many people their health, families, and lives.

Posted by Westralia.Net at 10:47 PM JST
Updated: Monday, 26 April 2004 11:14 PM JST
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