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Monday, 26 April 2004
Corruption and Crime Commission Flooded with Gripes.
Yesterday's Sunday Times carried a story by Peter Law about the new Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC) being flooded with complaints in its first 100 days of operation. The CCC takes over from the "useless as teats on a bull" Anti-Coruption Commission (ACC). Chief CCC consulant Matthew Byrne is quoted as saying, "There is always a flurry of complaints when a new body is established..., ...but we didn't think it would be this many".
This illustrate that even the professionals in the firing line have no idea about the size of the problem here.
The story goes on to state that the CCC had found about half its expected 150 staff members and the Commission would be fully operational by July. is astounded that they require 150 staff to investigate the estimated amount of WA Government corruption. (We have such a small population). Now they find the number of cases is going to be larger than originally thought.
One ponders if the CCC will ever be able to get the tiger by the tail.
So far it seems they have only catered for dealings with a slightly feral moggy.
Big mistake. The offending entity is an evil beast.
Of course many cynics will believe that the CCC will be held on a very short leash, or become corrupted itself, thereby become part of the evil.
What a challenge Mr. Byrne and his collegues will face, just keeping their head above the rising cesspool of muck.
We believe the CCC had better make hay while the sun shines. At least while WA has a relatively reformist Attorney General.

If you want to read what the ethics requirement should be, you can go to our INTRODUCTION page. Click on the GRIM REAPER and "see the facade he hides behind". It is unfortunate that so, many, many people will find the statements on ethics on the linked CCC site a cruel and sad joke.
Frequent breaching of these standards over the years has cost many people their health, families, and lives.

Posted by Westralia.Net at 10:47 PM JST
Updated: Monday, 26 April 2004 11:14 PM JST
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