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The government unwittingly supply documents to show their own callousness and evidence of poisoning:

LETTER FROM THE BOSS IN PERTH: Referring to workers seeking an alternative to 245T. He says 245T is not considered dangerous if used as recommended. This is despite recommendations that it is not used in temperatures above 25 degrees celcius and the bosses have supplied it to an area where the daytime temperatures are rarely less than 25 and ambient is often over 40 degrees celcius.
Then this imbecile says adverse publicity is not a valid reason for discontinuing use. Thus the basic premise of the proposal for seeking an alternative is not accepted. Then he goes on to say that he does not support the workers undertaking research. This was a clearly stated safety issue and this dickhead says the workers should not be educating themselves.
WA POLICE FORM TO ACCOMPANY POST MORTEM EXHIBITS: Clearly states the the suspected drug involved in the death of a worker is 245T with the cause of death being left ventricular failure. The worker is 33 years of age and was one of the first of many to die aged in their thirties and forties. So here we have the WA government acknowledging death by 245T, due to heart failure, which is in fact consistent to medical research. Yet today they say say there exists no evidence to say it can make you ill.
Do we understand this? It can kill you, but it can't make you ill?

FEDERAL HANSARD proves analysis at 26mg/Kg of deadly dioxin in sample. In the 1980's the standard was 0.01ppm maximum allowabale. The contoversial Agent Orange was 1.8 ppm. Yet it looks like our boys were given a dose of 2600 higher than the limit. Research by Australian National University indicates around 300 tons of this material was imported. Despite chemical being supplied criminally to WA government workers in unmarked drums, the government asserts there is no evidence. ...But they won't say what happened to 300 tons. Did it disappear into thin air? ...Or sprayed in the remote Kimberley region by hapless aboriginal workers, to be dispersed out of sight, out of mind? ----- CLICK HERE -----

Government funded Aboriginal Legal Service (ALS) advises former workers that their files ought to be closed, as there is no cause of action.    This is CONTRARY to the Workers Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 84I (1) (d).

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